May Mood

A calm, neutral mood for a crazy month ahead.

May Mood Board

I’m having a ball making mood boards each month. (See my launch mood board and my April mood board.) This month I needed a calm mood as the second half of last month felt a little crazy, and May is going to be even more bonkers. I have a big announcement coming soon that has to do with the craziness of April & May but one more thing needs to go through first before I feel comfortable talking about it.

When I think about May I think of warm weather, sunshine, getting a lot of fresh air, pulling out my summer clothes, and even though I’m not in school (and haven’t been for a long time) I think about graduation and school years ending. May is a month of endings and beginnings.


+ I took a quick trip up to NYC for 36 hours for a conference. While I’d say it’s hard at this point after 10 years of blogging for me to learn anything that I didn’t already know in some form about blogging and social media, I do think that everyone needs a little inspiration every once in a while, and I definitely left the 1-day conference more motivated and inspired about the rest of 2017. I have been in a bit of a funk for the past few months, and this helped lift me out of it and change my attitude.

+ I went to a new dentist. I mention this because I went to a new dentist because I didn’t love the new one I went to back in November. I felt like after my first visit with her she was just trying to find as much as she could to fix in my mouth and I wanted a second opinion on everything she said. So I waited 6 months, and then went to a new dentist (to get my 6-month cleaning) and a second opinion. And what do you know, this new dentist didn’t think I needed all of that stuff done that she thought I did. The difference was THOUSANDS of dollars. I made sure to ask my new dentist about all of the things the other dentist mentioned and he told me he didn’t think I needed them yet but we would watch them. Lesson here is, if you feel something is off or going to cost you a lot of money, get a second opinion.

+ I saw the movie Lion. I had read the book A Long Way Home for book club and without ruining anything I can tell you that the screenplay is very similar to the book and you will NOT be disappointed in the movie. IT WAS AMAZING. Highly recommend. Cried so hard. Bring tissues.

+ I got to attend an opening brunch at the new Ladurée in Georgetown. The macarons really are as delicious as they look. Plus the space just transports you to another place — Paris. They have so many sweets!

+ I turned 34 last month and got my taxes done early. Two bittersweet things.


+ This month I’m speaking at (and attending) a conference in Palm Springs, and my husband is meeting me out there early to celebrate our 12th anniversary and enjoy Palm Springs! I’m going out even a few days before that to have some meetings and meet up with some friends in LA. Would love to know your favorite places to eat, and things to see in LA & Palm Springs! Please tell me in the comments!

+ On the family front, my husband and I will celebrate 12 years of marriage this month and my brother’s wife is due with their first child on the same day!


I can’t wait to share my big news with you! It will take up a lot of my time this month (and for months to come).

Hope you all have a great month ahead!