Sometimes you just have to say yes. When you get an email from Nike, that is one of those times. To be honest, had it been a full marathon it doesn’t matter who it was from, I’d say no. But a half marathon, a half marathon seems doable. Painful, but doable. Nike is having their first Women’s Half Marathon in DC and they’ve asked a few of us DC ladies if they could sponsor us to run it. I mean, I hate running, I’m a yoga girl — but I couldn’t say no to Nike!

I’ve been at least somewhat athletic most of my life. I always played multiple sports growing up, and have usually been active doing yoga, Crossfit or just moving around in general. Working from home you have to make exercise a priority and schedule it or it won’t happen. I did a short stint of track when I was in middle school, running the 200, 400, 800, and the 4×400. Notice how all of those are shorter than 13.1 miles…

Am I totally freaked out? Yes.
Do I enjoy running? Not at all.
Is this going to suck and I’ll ask myself at some point on every training run why the hell I agreed to do this? I’m assuming so.
Do I turn 30 this year and want to look killer in a bathing suit? Yes.
Does that give me motivation to run this thing? Yes.
So is it more about looking great in a bathing suit than challenging yourself to run a half marathon when you hate running? I’d say the two are equal.

Just being totally honest with you here. I’ll keep you updated as to how the training is going. I felt like if I said it publicly then I’d really look stupid if I start training and back out so more pressure for me. I mean, if I get hurt or something I can’t really control that, but let’s hope that doesn’t happen.

You can follow along with me on my half marathon journey on my twitterinstagram, and Vine (search MegBiram) and I’m going to hashtag with #NikeMeg

I’m heading out right now for my first training run. 1 mile. How bad can that be? (I have a semi-painful face right now.)

Like Bill Bowerman, co-founder of Nike says, “If you have a body, you are an athlete.”

Let’s go with that. 

At least I’ll look good decked out in Nike gear while running, right?

I could use your help. Are you a runner? Have you ever ran a half marathon? What are your favorite running products? How did you do it? Any words of advice??? I can use them all!