MEG’S EDIT 2.2015

megs edit 2.1015

It’s cold and snowy here in DC this morning. I’m working from home to avoid getting stuck in Georgetown if shit hits the fan this afternoon and all I can think about is how my mom is in sunny Palm Springs and how I want to be in sunny Palm Springs right now.

This week I really really like my edit. I mean I always like it, but this I want to literally wear right now. And every day.

Love these simple gold-plated bone earrings. They would go with 90% of my wardrobe.

Hats are still all the rage right now (not that a black hat really goes out of style), but we’ve drifted from the fedora into the Georgia O’Keeffe type. I’m liking this black hat from Madewell. (Budget black hat).

Because I’m constantly cold, giant sweaters are my jam. ZARA nailed it with his ecru & black long sweater.

I’m needing a new pair of black flat boots and these Acne Studios ankle boots are at the very tip top of my list. (Budget black pointy boots).

Hello GAP getting in on the minimal trend with this black leather tote. They have it in other colors and styles too.

I’m not sure how it’s possible that I don’t own a light gray nail polish, but Deborah Lippman’s newest line the Whisper Collection has this Misty Morning gray that I’m eyeing. All I can think about now is the song “Brown Eyed Girl.”