It’s January, so everyone is working out more, right? For some reason every year in December I always start working out a lot, so it’s definitely true for me – I workout more in January. Also it’s cold, so there’s not much else I like to do!

A lot of people also do dry January, meaning they don’t drink any alcohol for all of January. I didn’t really think about it until I saw something about it online recently, but I actually haven’t drank any alcohol since New Year’s Eve. I’m curious to see if I can make it to February 1 without drinking any wine…

If there were ever a tank that was made for me, it’s this black marble tank. AND it’s on sale, along with a marble jacket as well.

While I’m working out — mostly at yoga which is hot and sweaty — I like these cheap cotton headbands.

I’m in desperate need of more workout pants and I prefer something simple like these black Nike leggings.

Most of the workouts I do (yoga, pilates, barre) don’t require shoes, so you can just wear a cute casual tennis shoe like these hip Adidas sneakers to and from class.

I’m obsessed with these hair ties, they don’t break your hair!

If you carry your gym bag around as much as I do, you should get something that you like. Your co-workers don’t need to see a grody gym bag.

A few more workout faves: