Mental Wrestling

Meg Biram in Tamara Mellon heels and floral kimono.

You might have noticed it’s been a little light around here lately. It’s sort of on purpose. Honestly I’ve been doing a lot of mental wrestling with what type of content I think is worthy of posting. Worthy of your time to look at/read. Worthy of my time to create. I’ve also taken on a new gig that I’ll be telling you about really soon!

At the end of last year when I was looking at some numbers I realized that only 1% of my content on the blog was sponsored. So 99% of it was created at my expense, not paid for, etc. For the past 4+ years the majority of my photography has been original, most of which I pay photographers for unless I shoot it myself.

1% is great in the way of authenticity (I write whatever I want, cover whatever I want, promote whatever I want), however it puts a lot of pressure on me for that 1% to basically pay my salary and make up for the costs for the other 99%. My affiliate links aren’t huge earners for me like they are for some bloggers who are more focused on fashion or products. It’d be great if that 1% were more like 5-10% but I turn down any collaboration/opportunity that doesn’t make sense for me.

After blogging for over ten years (it will be 11 years this November!) I think I look at the blogging and influencer world a little differently than others. When I started this blog I never thought that it would actually BE my job. I thought it would either help me get a cool job and/or be the people I could tell about my products/business once I started one.

The products/business thing basically did happen along with the blog becoming the business. I just want you to know that I’m constantly wrestling with what good content is. There’s so much out there for you to choose from when you decide what content to consume each day. Personally I don’t want to “create content” just for the sake of “creating content”. Even just saying the words “creating content” makes me cringe a little as it sounds so inauthentic. I like to think of it more as capturing a story, capturing content, telling a story either with words, visually, or both.

I want to be inspired to create it. Create it for a purpose, a reason, have meaning behind it, or have it be a reference for you or have some type of valuable information. Maybe that’s a little utopian of me to expect from every post. Sometimes a roundup of 10 products under $100 is helpful! Not every post will always be the most helpful and most meaningful, and that’s ok. But it is something I think about constantly. I think it’s the journalism degree in me.

I’m working on a lot of ideas, I just want my content to be worthy of your time! Thanks so much for reading!

Tamara Mellon heels and floral kimono


Tamara Mellon Suede Heels (gifted)

Cami NYC Racer Tank
I have this in black and white because it is amazing and I wear both of them all the time. The white one has two layers so it’s not super transparent. 

Floral Maxi Shirt Dress
Only $49!

Paige Jeans

India Drop Earrings
Only $34!

Faithfull The Brand Black Straw Bag (sold out, similar here)
More black straw bags here, here, and here.

Floral Kimono Photo Shoot

Meg Biram in floral kimono and black jeans.

Photo shoot location - under an overpass

Black circle basket bag and floral kimono

Meg Biram wearing a floral kimono and Tamara Mellon heels.

meg biram in floral kimono and white cami

meg biram in floral kimono

Floral Kimono and Black Tamara Mellon heels

Walking under overpass in floral kimono

meg biram black basket handbag

Floral Kimono Outfit

walking in floral kimono

floral kimono and white cami

meg biram in floral kimono

floral kimono and black shoes

photo shoot under bridge

meg biram - floral kimono - outtake

A little blooper shot for you (above) — it was so windy during this shoot!

walking in floral kimono

Photos by Emma Weiss