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The people have spoken!

Through the leaves.

I’ve been analyzing all of your survey answers and there were several things that came through very clearly. One being that you want more content from me. Trust me, I want to give it to you! I do try to post every day, and while I work constantly (nights, weekends, basically all the time), sometimes it’s just not possible for me to put out new content every day because I’m not willing to compromise on quality. I just cannot throw up an outfit post without something interesting with it — or that’s my goal at least. Unless it’s just a killer photo shoot and in that case, that is the interesting part. There are TONS of fashion bloggers out there doing an amazing job, but I want to add something different out there in the sea of online content.

Meg Biram in white fuzzy sweater.

Another thing that came through clearly from your feedback — you like my site because it’s different from other blogs. And I try to keep it that way! So while some weeks might be a little light any may only have a few posts (which I’m never happy about, trust me), I’m hoping to grow my staff early next year so that I can be more consistent and post new content not just five times a week but more than that!

Meg Biram in white sweater through the leaves.

This fall I’ve been traveling and have been working on projects that you haven’t seen yet — but will very soon! The next few months are going to be really exciting around here, I hope you’ll all come with me on the ride!

White Fuzzy Sweater // Meg Biram

I will have a post all about the survey results coming up soon along with news about what I’ve been up to, but in the meantime, who’s on board with sweaters & sneakers this fall (hand raised emoji)? I’m definitely one to reach for comfort! Find my very comfy cozy look here:

Fringe Batwing Sweater
(similar fringesimilar ruffle, similar on a budget)

Paige Verdugo Ankle Jeans

Vasic Mini Bucket Bag

Kaanas Blush Sneakers (gifted)

Madewell Sunglasses

Anna Beck Gili Ring

Meg Biram in white fuzzy sweater and Vasic leather bag.

Photos by Laura Metzler