My 2017 Goals

2017 Goals

I’ve actually been thinking about 2017 for a while as I’m always thinking really far in advance, but I’ll explain that later. You might have read my reflections on 2016. Now I’m going to tell you some of my goals for 2017.

If you’ve looked into my online course Your Ideal Year, you might have seen that I break life up into 6 sections: Personal, Health, Relationships, Spaces, Financial, and Work (and yes, I use my own course!). I’m not going to go into all of these here but I do want to share some of them, although they aren’t too much different than last year.

personal goals

+ Travel more.

I always want to travel more. They don’t have to be big long trips, but I just always want to go. Explore new places, new cultures, see new and old things, have new experiences. I have this lingering urge to go somewhere by myself. I travel by myself often on work trips so it’s not a foreign concept to me to travel alone. But it’s always for a work trip — I just want to go to a hot beach for a few days by myself and just read and work (for myself) and relax and go to the spa and get inspired.

I also really want to do some wellness/active trips with my husband and friends — hiking, spa, yoga, type trips. I’ve never done anything besides skiing that is an intentional active or wellness trip.

Internationally I honestly want to go just about everywhere, but if I had to say a few places on my list right now, they would be Cuba, Portugal, Turkey (although not too safe right now), France, Italy (probably going to Italy this year!), Germany, back to Morocco, Croatia, back to Hawaii, Tulum, back to Colombia, Peru, I want to go to a lot more places in Africa, Greece, Myanmar, Thailand — like I said, pretty much everywhere.

In the US there are a lot of places I want to go — Arizona, New Mexico, Wyoming, Utah, Montana, Charleston again, Alaska — that’s a good start.

You get the point — not many places that I wouldn’t want to go to. The only tentative plans we have so far this year are that we are probably going to Italy with some friends in the fall. I will probably go to NYC and LA for work stuff, and I have some friends really wanting to go to Morocco so I want to make that happen. I’m sure I’ll hit up a hot beach soon as my winter blues are kicking in and I get cranky and pale and I just need some sun.

+ Be more thoughtful

This was on my list last year and I failed. So it’s back on the list this year. I just feel like I haven’t been very thoughtful with the people I love and it’s something I want to work on.

+ Continue making reading a priority.

I’ve always loved reading, it’s always been something I enjoy and is inspiring to me. But for years I didn’t make the time to read much. The past few years I’ve been reading nonstop. Lately I just can’t get enough books of all kinds. I’m like a sponge soaking up fiction, memoirs, business books — everything.

The way I get so much reading in is that I always try to get in bed at a time where I know I’ll read for at least 30 minutes, if not an hour before I go to sleep. It’s tempting to scroll through Instagram first and then it turns into 20 minutes, which is my main problem — put down the phone and pick up the book. I’m getting better and better at doing this.

I also listen to books on Audible when I’m driving or just doing things around the house like cleaning or cooking or editing photos.

This year I’m reading with a new mission. I’m still reading whatever I want, but I’m also reading for my book club, and specifically books about creative people I admire for a new series I’m starting on the blog this year that I’ll explain at a later date.

If reading is on your list this year (or not!) please feel free to join my digital book club. You don’t have to do anything, I just tell you the books me and my in-person book club are reading, I bring up some questions in a post and you can read and comment with your own thoughts and questions and read what other people thought.

+ Go to museums & galleries more often.

I live in a city that probably has more museums and galleries than anywhere else in the US. There are 19 Smithsonian museums and galleries alone in DC. We also have a ton of great art museums here. Plus I’m just a short train ride away from NYC where there are even more amazing art museums. Sometimes I go to these museums for photo shoots or an event, but rarely have I gone just to simply go and be inspired.

+ Go to more concerts and live music.

I’m so bad at this. I don’t know why because I absolutely LOVE concerts and live music, but for whatever reason I always forget to look up what concerts are coming to town. There are a few people that I really want to see this year that I need to just make it a point to go.

+ Play piano again.

Eventually I want to start playing the piano again. Currently I’m limited by space and not actually having a piano to play. I’d have to get a small keyboard when really I want an upright, so that may have to wait until we move somewhere that’s a little bigger. But it’s definitely something that has been nagging at me for years and years. I played for 10 years growing up, and then again a little in college and I just miss it.

+ Paint + use my hands to make things.

This could go under work, but really it’s work and personal. I’ve always been an artist, but actually creating art always gets pushed aside by work. And since I have a creative job I still get a little of that creative feeling from my job, but it’s nothing like actually painting. Which is something I will be doing this year.

I also want to take some workshops and classes like macrame. I don’t plan to become the next macrame wall hanging designer or anything, I just enjoy trying new things out.

health goals

Last year I did a pretty good job of focusing on working out. I did a lot of CrossFit and a little yoga and Solidcore. I’m much stronger but unfortunately less flexible. Gaining muscle without consistent stretching and yoga will do that to you.

+ Continue working out 5+ times per week.

A combination of CrossFit, yoga, Solidcore, and walking/running. I need to do more yoga to stretch out these new muscles. I felt tight a lot of the year and have definitely lost flexibility. I can tell because I can’t do certain yoga poses anymore. So even though I’m going to continue lifting weights, I need to do more cardio and yoga this year.

+ Eat more healthily, less sugar, & drink less.

Growing up I had a metabolism to envy. Until I was around 22/23 I could literally eat whatever I wanted and it didn’t matter. It all changed in my 20s and even more so in my 30s (tear). I actually have to watch what I eat now, and now I actually care. I feel better when I eat healthily and I know it’s better for me. Plus I’m trying to change my body and I know food is the main element in that equation.

I’d say I eat healthy at least 50% of the time, if not more. I drink a ton of water, eat a lot of fruit, salads, smoothies, tea, lean meats, and whole grains. But I also love carbs and sugar — bread, cookies, ice cream. I’m mostly concerned about the sugar and have decided to really watch that this year. I still don’t have the cojones to go sugar free but I’m watching it.

At the end of last year I was getting a little too wine happy. Drinking at least a glass or two almost every night for a few months (I blame it on watching Mad Men). That definitely had to stop. I love wine, and will still drink it, but just less. For the calories and for my foggy brain the next day.

I will still have balance. Can’t give up pizza, wine, and cookies! But I need to be much more vigilant in this area.

+ Active travel.

I already mentioned this but I want to do more active traveling. Hiking, skiing, etc.

+ Dig deeper into food information as it affects my body.

That sounds weird but I feel like there’s a lot of BS out there about food and vitamins and crap and I want to learn more about it all. I know there are certain things you should eat together, and certain things you shouldn’t because they don’t digest well together. Did you know you aren’t supposed to take pills with grapefruit juice? Macros are a big thing right now. I’m not planning to jump on that train, but there is a lot I want to learn. Also the blood type thing with food, is that true? I want to know all the things.

work goals


+ Launch the new!

This has been in the works for months and months already and it WILL happen in the next 4-6 weeks. With that comes a launch event, and new content that I’m working on. Very exciting!

The new site will have so many cool new features that I haven’t seen anywhere else on any other sites. I’m SO EXCITED to show you!

Your Ideal Year online course + two more online courses.

This is unspecific because I need to explain. For the online course I already created, Your Ideal Year, (and is currently open for enrollment, learn more here!) I have to decide a few things about how I’m going to continue to offer that course. Will I open it only a few times a year and do “launches” around it? Will I take on affiliates to help me sell it? Will I make it evergreen and develop a funnel for it? I don’t know. After this launch closes on Friday I will take some time to figure that out.

I also have two other online courses in the works. I’m not planning to create a ton of online courses, just these three. One of them is going to be really inexpensive, more of a fun course. The other will be very in depth and I’m excited to get working on it.

I want to launch both of the other courses within the first 2 quarters of this year, so that is a hefty goal.

+ Make my artwork a more prominent part of my work and life.

I feel like a broken record about this over the years. Unfortunately DC doesn’t have a plethora of art studio space and that has been really difficult for me to get around. Most of my paintings are large and very messy, so I can’t just do them anywhere. I do want to start creating smaller paintings in different style so I can do that in my current studio or at home, it just might be annoying and in the way a bit, but until I can find actual art studio space that isn’t too far away or costs far too much, I will just have to deal.

Regardless of the space, I want my artwork to be a bigger part of my overall work. Last year most of my work was in creating content for the site, which is fine, but I have some plans this year with a new column that will include my artwork and my love of art. I’m forcing it in!

I need to explore so many series ideas I have. I’m bursting with ideas.

+ Growing my following on social, my site, and my email list.

When isn’t this a goal!? I have a few numbers in my head that are my goals for this year, and I’ll be very happy if I reach them. Last year I invested in some education to help me hit my numbers. This year it’s all about putting it into action.

+ Attend conferences/events I never been to before.

This year I want to attend a few things I’ve never been to before. I took a year or so off of attending conferences. They get expensive and I just wanted to put my nose down and work unless I was speaking at them. But conferences are a great way to get inspired and meet new people, and I need a little of that in my life this year. I’m not sure exactly which ones yet but I have a few in mind.


If I listed all of my goals we’d be here all day, so those are some highlights of my general goals for 2017.

What are some of your goals this year?

If you are still figuring out what you want your 2017 to look like, I highly recommend taking my online course Your Ideal Year. It will absolutely help clarify what you want out of life and specifically 2017, and help you figure out what to focus on, and give you the tools to get it done. Make investing in yourself, your goals, your dreams, your life — a priority. We only get one life, don’t waste one more day being confused by it!


Photo via Death to the Stock Photo; graphics added by Meg Biram