My Artwork in a Glam Bethesda Home Office

Naina Singla - Glam Office

Let me tell you about why I actually started painting again. My friend and DC-area stylist and blogger, Naina Singla, was decorating her new home and asked me if I’d do a large painting for her home office. She had previously asked me for a two paintings several years ago but I was too nervous to do them for her.

When she asked me again last summer to do a large painting for her home office, I said yes (commissions used to make me nervous). This 5’x5′ piece in her home office, featured on the Washingtonian, was one of the first pieces I did in my new painting style. I was experimenting with a new technique and new paint, and this is what came of it. I couldn’t have been happier about how the painting turned out.

Naina chose the colors — black, white, pink, gold — to go with her home office. She already had the pink Madeline Weinrib rug, and knew the color scheme she wanted in the room. I’m honored to have my work in such a prominent spot in her home.

These photos are actually a little extra special — they are a collaboration between four friends! It’s Naina’s home (she already has amazing style), my artwork, interior design and styling by Joanna of Cline Rose Interior Design, and photos by Abby Jiu — so these photos have a special place in my heart.

Naina Singla - Glam Office

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Styling by Cline Rose Interior Design, photos by Abby Jiu