My Best Networking Secret

And I'm giving it up!

Meg Biram in Georgetown Office

Most networking these days starts online with an email or social media, at an event or conference, or by personal introductions. My networking secret doesn’t have anything to do with meeting people but in keeping and continuing the relationships you make.

Meg Biram in Georgetown studio office.

While it’s always best to meet people in person so you can connect on a human level, and I always try to do that, I think following up in an unexpected way is a great way to make a great impression and continue cultivating a relationship.

Zang Toi fashion card collaboration with Papyrus.

One way I do that is by sending actual cards in the actual mail. It’s something unexpected and thoughtful, it really goes a long way with someone who isn’t expecting it.

Zang Toi cards on desk.

I also think it helps to be really thoughtful with which card you send to someone. Personalized stationery is also a great option, but finding a unique card for that specific person shows that you really went out of your way.

Meg Biram in Georgetown Studio sending cards.

Since I work a lot with people in the fashion & beauty industries, the new fashion designer collaborations at Papyrus have some amazing upscale cards that I could tell would be perfect for some of the people I have on my correspondence list!

Meg Biram in office sending Zang Toi cards.

Sometimes, if it makes sense, I’ll also print off one of my Instagram photos and add that in the card (maybe one including something that has to do with the recipient). I think that adds another unexpected element that people love. I also do this with friends and family. I mean, when’s the last time you got an actual card in the mail with a photo not for the holidays?

Meg Biram sending a photo in a card.

I mean how cute is this photo of me and my grandma from my brother’s wedding? Had to print it!

Black Zang Toi card collaboration with Papyrus.

Back to the cards. Obviously I love fashion so a fashion/card collaboration has my attention. Papyrus collaborated with Zang Toi and Lela Rose and the cards are really beautiful. I received the Zang Toi collection and would have to say that this black and bronze card (above) is my favorite from the collection. I love the feather detail on the head.

Sending a Zang Toi card.

So, if you really want to cultivate your relationships with people in your industry, I highly recommend following up with them in a unique and/or thoughtful way. And a special card is a great way to do it. Maybe even take a quick look at their Instagram account to see if you can glean any info about their style, and pick a card accordingly. You can shop the Zang Toi x Papyrus collection here!

Meg Biram at standing desk in Georgetown studio.

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Zang Toi Collection for Papyrus


Photos by Laura Metzler

This post was done in collaboration with Papyrus. All opinions are my own.