My Birthday… Shirt + the b bar update

equipment daddy blouse

Yep, the day has come. My 30th birthday. Right now. Here. Happening now.

I’ve already shared my thoughts on turning 30 and where I thought I’d be at this very moment in my life. I’m really excited for my 30s. I think they are going to rock, and be the best decade yet (although the first three were pretty darn good).

To celebrate, I’m taking the mostly day off. Depending on what goes on today and throughout the weekend, you might see some updates from me via my Instagram and twitter. My Mr. likes to keep all of his plans secret so I have no idea what will be going on (which I love as long as I’m dressed properly!).

I’m excited to wear my new Equipment blouse (in the photo above) that I’ve dubbed my birthday blouse. (A little present to myself!). Even though the weather didn’t exactly cooperate with my warm-weather plan (Mother Nature isn’t a very good listener), I’m wearing this baby later today anyway (I think… depending on plans)! The feathery print is absolutely gorgeous. It’s the perfect balance between not too pastel and not too bright.

I can’t take today or this weekend completely off because The B Bar is launching NEXT WEEK! We are launching with some great books including: Social Media 101, How to Contact Bloggers (for Brands and Businesses), Legal for Bloggers, a Resource Guide, Blogging 101, Accounting for Bloggers, and a book on Media Kits. And that is just the beginning of what we have in store. There will be a lot more books launching in the weeks and months to come. Feel free to email us topics that you’d love to see a book about at and follow The B Bar on Facebook & twitter for updates!

Heading out for a latte and birthday mani/pedi!