My Healthy Hair Journey

My Hair Journey // Making My Hair Growfind this striped hoodie here

If you follow me on Snapchat (user megbiram) you are up to date on what’s going on with my hair.

A little backstory — I’ve always had fine hair on the thin side. It’s gotten thinner over the years (like hair tends to do) and I’ve been dying it since I was 16 or 17. I got a job in a salon as a receptionist in high school — so basically I’ve been all shades of blonde and brown, even red! I haven’t seen more than an inch of my natural color for over half of my life (which is totally fine with me). I’m going to try to find some old photos with my different colored hair and will share them on snapchat (user megbiram if you want to see).

I was born a toe head, and over the years my hair gradually turned into a dirty blonde, and now from what I can see of my roots, an ashy brown.

Since January of this year my hair has been fully ice white (not just highlights but the full dye job). And after nine months the top layer had had enough of the damage and broke off. Basically I had 5-inch bangs. Which, since I wore my hair up in a bun, was totally fine. Except that I couldn’t really wear my hair down.

I loved the white so much, and I loved how easy it was to wear my hair in a bun every day. But I started to miss having longer hair and having the option to wear it down, so I thought I’d try to get it to grow faster and restore some health back into my distressed locks. I had my stylist turn me an ash brown (inspired by this gal).

The color looked great, it made my blue/green eyes pop, all my friends loved it, and my hair felt healthier. Problem was, I didn’t like it.

I remembered why all the times I’ve had my hair brown before I didn’t like it. My hair is too thin. I felt like you could see my scalp the second it gets oily, and while it felt silkier, that also meant it was totally flat with little volume. Blondes know this — blonde hair gives you instant volume and texture, and I need that with my thin hair.

Since I do photo shoots for the blog, I just couldn’t handle the darker hair much longer (see it in this post, plus a few more posts coming up). I didn’t feel like myself.

So I went back to the hair dresser two weeks later to get the color lightened a little. Not my best decision…

And let me put a disclaimer in here that this is all my fault — my stylist is so sweet and I pushed the limits of my hair, not her.

My hair did not like being messed with and broke off even more, like a lot more. So after I had a mini internal meltdown, I started researching hair growth, and how to make your hair healthy.

And this is when I started to think — wait a minute — do all these hair treatments, masks, pills, etc., actually work? I thought most of it was bullshit or wouldn’t really work for my hair. I thought people just had amazing hair because they had amazing hair (which I think is mostly true).

But after watching tons of YouTube videos, and reading countless articles and blog posts, I realized that I have basically NEVER taken good care of my hair at all — so trying out some products to help my hair couldn’t hurt. I could really test them to see if they work since I’ve basically never done anything to make my hair healthy and since I really needed them.

So I’m going to take you on this healthy hair growth journey with me. But I want your help too — tell me what amazing products you use on your hair. I need products that are safe for colored and damaged hair.

Here are the products & methods I am using and testing, plus I’m going to use natural products like olive oil and coconut oil, but I want your hair mask recipes!


+ NO heat tools! No curling, no flat ironing, and as little blow drying as possible. Unfortunately since it’s fall and soon winter, I may have to blow dry on low a little.

+ Using a hair mask 2x per week.

+ Barely shampooing my hair.

+ Using more conditioner (I never used much before).

+ Giving myself a gentle scalp massage with oil (and testing the inversion method).

+ Using oil in my hair.

+ Taking pills/vitamins to aid in growth.



+ Living Proof Restore Mask Treatment

+ Redken Extreme Shampoo & Conditioner

+ Redken Extreme Anti Snap

+ Josie Maran Organic Argan Oil

+ Viviscal Extra Strength Hair Growth Tablets

+ Biotin

+ Fish Oil



+ Silk Pillowcase

+ Boar Bristle Brush

+ More oil, maybe a different hair oil


I’ll report back how this is all going, what products I like, which ones I don’t, and how my hair is doing!

Tell me your experiences, and any products that have worked for you!

I’m trying to look at the silver lining of my situation. I finally looked into what healthy hair is, how to have healthy hair, and am testing products to make my hair healthier. I can’t believe I never really realized any of this before!


Photos by Laura Metzler