my morning routine

When it comes to my morning routine I have a few different ones depending on what I have going on that day. It all depends on if I’m in a photo shoot, if I’m going to an event, if I have meetings, or if I’m simply in my office where I don’t see people.

So my morning routine is basically decided on if I need to look nice and what time I need to be somewhere.

lemon water

If I don’t have to be photo ready and wear nice clothes my morning routine goes like this — my husband usually gets up before me and while he’s doing his own morning routine and I stay in bed and slowly wake up to the day, or sleep until he wakes me up before he leaves.

Then I get up, put on my robe and immediately make lemon water. I drink a warm mug while checking that my scheduled blog post went up without a hitch, and will do social media for the post. I prefer to do social media and schedule future social for the post the day the it goes live.

meg biram morning routine

Next, I’ll drink one cup of coffee, while working on my computer and starting to get ready. Usually in the early morning, I’m not ready for food yet, so the lemon water and coffee keeps me for a while.

meg biram - daily makeup

For casual days I’ll usually put on my workout clothes, do minimal makeup, and put my hair in a bun. Usually I’ll do a little more work on my computer before leaving for my office (to avoid DC’s rush-hour traffic).

Weather pending, I bike to my office and bike back home in the afternoon and go straight to CrossFit without having to change (some days I’ll metro or bus to my office, and on rare occasions when I have a lot of stuff for a photo shoot I’ll take a cab). On the days I bike to my office I get a jolt of exercise early in the morning (which I love), and I find that if I don’t eat something before I bike I am ravenous by the time I get to my office and sometimes a little shaky.

organic valley balance protein shake

Once I’m finally hungry, I usually crave something on the sweeter side. I used to frequently make green smoothies in the mornings, but in our new apartment, getting the blender out isn’t as easy as it was in our old place where it was stored on the counter. Yes, I’m lazy, especially in the morning. So when Organic Valley approached me about trying their new protein shake for breakfast, I was game to try it out, because anything that makes my life easier I’m up for trying. Now I can just down the shake before I bike to my office, or throw it in my bag and drink it when I get there. So easy!

clothes all over my bed

On days where I have a photo shoot, an event, or meetings — depending on what time I have to be somewhere — my morning routine will either be the same, plus taking more time to do my hair, makeup, and picking out my outfit, or if I have to be somewhere early, all routine gets thrown out and my main focus is getting ready and getting out the door. On those mornings, breakfast is the last thing on my mind.

meg biram morning routine protein shake

I highly value sleep and how good it is for your health to consistently get enough sleep, so I really try not to do things that mess with that too much. I also think that we all have way too much stress in our lives (mostly self-induced), and I think that stress causes a lot of health problems. So while my job (being an entrepreneur) creates a massive amount of stress, I do my best to curb it as much as possible, and I find that not scheduling things in the morning and using that time to get myself together and check a few important things off my to-do list keeps me much more calm.

It took me a few years as an entrepreneur to understand the new type of stress I felt and figure out how to deal with it. Anything that helps simplify certain things in my life so that I can focus my energy on other things is good — taking a note from the President and Mark Zuckerberg and trying to lower my decision fatigue. So a breakfast that is easy, high in protein, and tastes good is right in line with that thinking.

meg biram morning routine

I usually don’t schedule meetings in the morning if I can avoid it. That’s my time to make sure I’ve got myself together, get focused for what I need to do that day, and also I just really don’t like to rush around in the morning, so I schedule my life to where I don’t have to most of the time. The traffic in DC can also get pretty hairy, so I try to avoid it. Luckily I can usually make my schedule to go around it.

morning routine - social media

I actually took it upon myself to buy every type of similar protein shake from the organic grocery store down the street from me to try them all out, and I can tell you that the Organic Valley Balance Protein Shake is by far tastier than all of the other ones. Honestly, none that I tried were even close in flavor. I even made my husband try them all too. He agreed. (Also, you should totally watch the video for this protein shake, it’s hilarious. I also love the quiz they put together, it’s actually really informational! You can get coupons on the site too!)

I like the protein shake for two main reasons — one is because it is just so easy. You don’t have to make anything, you can just grab it out of the fridge and drink it, or throw it in your bag and go. Either drink it on the way to work, or take it with you for when you get to your office. Secondly because it is high in protein, and I’m always trying to find ways to get more protein. There are 16 grams of protein in one shake!

I’m curious — what’s your morning routine? Are you always stressing in the mornings? Do you regularly get a good breakfast in?


Items pictured in this post in order of appearance: grey striped shirt, white robe, nail polish, lips mug, eyeshadow palette, NARS illuminator in hot sand, bronzer, moisturizer, hair tie, eyeliner, blush, perfumestudded espadrilles, handbag, sandals, iPhone case, notepad, pen, Movado watch.


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Photography by Laura Metzler, styling by Meg Biram