Get Shit Done to Your Ideal Year

Your Ideal Year Online Course — 2 Weeks to Your Ideal 2017!

You may remember that mentioned a few years ago that I was a GSD (Get Shit Done) book. If you don’t know, GSD is a column that I’ve had on my blog for years on and off. It has been by far the most popular series on my site in the past 10 years.

The Evolution of GSD (Get Shit Done)

It’s been almost six years since I launched the GSD concept on my blog in 2012. Back then my site was still called MIMI+MEG, and I had dubbed 2012 The Year of Getting Shit Done which is where the whole idea for the GSD column came from. I wrote a few posts with downloadable worksheets about how to break your goals up into smaller chunks, and another about cleaning out your wardrobe. They were simple posts and PDFs but they got repinned a lot on Pinterest and were really popular posts on my site at the time. So you can see, I’ve been on this GSD mission for a long time.

During that time I was in the first years of being an entrepreneur. I knew there were lots of smart people with really good processes and tips about productivity and I wanted to know how they got shit done, which is why I started the column. I can definitely say I’ve learned some great tips from my GSD interviews, several of which I still do to this day.

After seeing the success of the column, I turned the concept into an in-person GSD workshop. The early version of that workshop focused on getting shit done in your home, closet, digital, and work life. After several more years of research, entrepreneurism, and my own trial & error, I expanded the workshop into something deeper. That second generation of the workshop started the framework for the GSD book. 

When I started writing the GSD book a few years ago I realized that the first version of the workshop — the organization of your home, closet, digital, and work life didn’t really make sense with the new version of the workshop. I thought it was much better described as something else, and could be made into its own thing. That thing turned out to be The Life Edit. The first book in The Life Edit series came out in September 2015, it focuses on your closet and wardrobe, and (IMO is better than any other wardrobe clean out method out there). The official tagline is The Ultimate Guide to Editing the Clutter Out of Your Closet and Creating a Wardrobe You Love.

I don’t know about you but I used to have a hard time getting rid of certain pieces of clothing. I used to hang on to way too much stuff that I never wore, and it looked like I had a closet full of clothes, but I only wore 20% of them. So I came up with my method — which is in the book — to help myself pare down my own closet, and now, help you do the same.

You can read more about The Life Edit here and get the digital or physical copy of it, but I felt the need to put all of this into context before getting into the rest of the GSD evolution which led to the birth of this online course.

So after I extracted what would be part of The Life Edit series, I finished writing the bulk of the newest version of the GSD book. It didn’t feel complete and I kept tinkering with it. Once it was done, I didn’t feel like it was something I could just release into the world without any instruction or accountability for the readers. I really felt as though the GSD book would be much better and more valuable as an online course.

Mind you I was already done writing the book (which took over 2 years), and then I decided to do 10x more work to put it into the form of an online course.

I decided not to call the course GSD (or Get Shit Done). I just didn’t feel like the term GSD or get shit done really encompassed what the online course is all about. It’s much much deeper than just getting shit done. I just didn’t think it fit with what the course became. Even though it all started with the GSD column, then the GSD workshop, and even GSD notepads, it evolved into something else. And while the title GSD makes sense for part of the course, it doesn’t make sense for the overall name.


Your Ideal Year

So what is the name? Well you might have gleaned it from the title and subhead. It is called YOUR IDEAL YEAR — 2 Weeks to Your Ideal 2018. 

It could also be called Your Ideal Life, because we are going to go that far in the course, but life can be such an overwhelming word and I don’t want you to think that this course is overwhelming. It’s not.

It will however, be challenging (in a good way). You will have to be really honest with yourself and force yourself to take the time to think and come to terms with all the things going on in your head about your life — but we are going to focus a lot on the next 12 months and how you can make this coming YEAR as ideal as possible while on your way to your ideal life.

You might be wondering, if the course isn’t about GSDing, then what is it about? So here’s your answer.

In the Your Ideal Year course you will be walked through taking a deep dive into where you are at in your life and why, what your true passions, skills, and values are, what you want your ideal life to look like, how to set better goals, create and keep good habits, take an intense look at your plans for 2018, and then help you achieve your ideal year with tools, methods, and strategies that you can continue using forever.

I promise it’s not cheesy. The course and the tools I will give you are practical and immediately actionable to your life as it is right now. The course doesn’t have any woowoo elements. I’m not going to tell you that something magic will happen if you just write down what you want your life to look like.

But don’t just take it from me:

“Meg’s course was full of applicable tips on how to be more productive both personally and professionally. She shares quotes, resources, and methods that help you change the way you work and live for the better. The exercises throughout the course challenge you to think about how you spend your time and what your values are so you can ensure you are spending your energy and time in a more useful way that serves you and your priorities. Compared to other workshops and conferences, Meg’s course definitely has the most value and immediate impact towards creating lasting changes in my life and I highly recommend it to anyone looking to improve their career and daily routines!”

— Sadie, SKC Marketing

“I have never (ever!) walked away from a course feeling as inspired as I felt after taking Meg’s course. Meg gives you tangible tools for tackling life. If you’re feeling overwhelmed and in need of a reset button, this is one of the best investments you can make.”

— Virginia, Virginia Lucas Hart

Your Ideal 2017 Online Course

Your Ideal Year Course Details

If you are new to online courses, let me give you some info, the course is made up of 6 parts. Each part has anywhere from 2 to 7 lessons. Each lesson is made up of a combination of text, PDFs, videos, worksheets, and checklists. You can choose whether you prefer to type into the workbook, or print it out and write everything out on paper.

I launched the course in the fall of 2017, and have done a few updates to it, so if you bought it and took it last year, the dated sheets are updated and I added a few additional to-do list print-outs.

To learn more about the course and enroll — head over to the course site HERE.