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No, it’s not a new fad studio — it’s actually a membership called ClassPass. Let me tell you why I love it. But first let me tell you how it works. You sign up for the membership at $99/month ($79 in some cities I believe), and you can go to any studio that is signed up with ClassPass 3 times per month.

So for example, since I work in Georgetown, it’s really convenient for me to hit up all the different exercise studios around Georgetown, but I can also go to any of the studios in the DC-Virginia-Maryland area. So I could easily workout everyday (even do 2x a day!) using ClassPass at a ton of different studios, and still only pay $99/month.

Why ClassPass Works For Me:

1. If I pay for it, I will go. I am not a self-starter when it comes to working out. I just cannot hold myself to doing it at home or on my own consistently enough. But if I pay for it, you better believe I’m going to do it. The only thing I’ve ever been able to do successfully on my own (ish) is train for the Nike Women Half Marathon (and only because NIKE asked me to run it, and I only stuck to it because I HAD to or else I wouldn’t be able to run it and that would be mega embarrassing since I already told the world I was going to.) Read all of my posts about running my first (and so far only) half marathon: Why I Ran It; Running Update; 8 Miles; Another Running UpdateAfter Race Details.

2. I need someone to push me. I can’t push myself hard enough, so I need to attend a class or private lesson, otherwise I just won’t workout enough or hard enough. A few trips up the Exorcist Steps is great, but just not enough.

3. I like a lot of variety. For me, switching up my workouts, the teachers, the studios, keeps me interested. And I personally think it’s really good for my body to always be challenged. With ClassPass, you can go to as many studios as you want that are signed up with ClassPass in your area — so possibly a different one each day. Personally I go to the closest ones to me during the week, and travel a little further on the weekends when I have time and I’m not fighting traffic. But basically I don’t have to venture too far from Georgetown, Glover Park, Bethesda, DC and Arlington to get my workout in.

4. Perfect for people who travel. ClassPass is currently offered in 32 cities around the world, and is still expanding. When you travel, you can see if they have it where you are going, easily switch the cities online, and go to workout studios wherever you are visiting. I mean, that is the shit right there. I was just in Kansas City this past weekend — they have it, I’m going to Miami at the end of the month — they have it, and I go to NYC frequently for work — obviously it’s in NYC, so for me, having this option for using it while traveling at no additional cost (for now), is amazing.

cities with classpass

5. Easy website + an app! To book your classes on the website is super easy, you can also do it through their app. I’ve had no issues at all and love that they have an app. I have had to mention at a few studios that I signed up with ClassPass, but had no other problems with it.


I’m able to workout almost every day, without going too far from where I live and work, for $99/month at different places around DC to keep it fresh. So far, I’m loving it. If you go to workout classes in any larger cities, they cost A FORTUNE, so $99/month for potential unlimited workouts is a great deal — if you go 20x a month that’s $5 a class. One of my favorite workout spots here in DC [solidcore] is $35/class (and isn’t on ClassPass yet — sad face), so you can see how $99/month is a pretty killer deal.


Also, I want to be upfront with you about the downsides I’m aware of (italics means the copy is directly from the ClassPass website):

1. I actually didn’t realize this one when I signed up and it was a huge bummer — If a studio has more than 1 location (even in different cities!), members can go up to 3 times total across all studios. This is the agreement that we have with all of our studios. If you love a studio and want to go more often, you can book directly with the studio!

This really stinks, and I’m wondering if they’ll ever change it…  For me it doesn’t matter too much because I live in such a high concentration of different studios, but I would love to hit up the three CorePower Yoga locations near me more than 3x a month — so if I want to, I’ll have to buy a package.

2. There are still cancellation fees: All cancellations must be made at least 12 hours before class time. Late cancellations will result in the loss of a class credit for that studio and will incur a $15 late cancellation fee. If you’re not going to be able to make it to a class, please make sure you cancel the class via your ClassPass Account page. If you miss a class that you do not cancel, you will be charged a $20 no-show fee. There’s nothing worse than an empty class, so be sure to cancel your reservation in advance so that the studio has the opportunity to give your spot to someone else.

There are cancellation fees almost everywhere, so this isn’t really anything new.

3. Sometimes classes fill up quickly. Some of the studios will only open up a few spots per class for ClassPass users (giving their full-time clients priority), so you need to be on top of your scheduling if the classes you like to take fill up quickly. This hasn’t been a problem for me at all so far, but figured I’d mention it.

4. There are fees for putting your account on hold or canceling then trying to sign back up. Hold is a great option if you’re going on a long vacation or recovering from an injury. While on hold, you will be charged $19 per month and you will be able to book 1 class per month. Note that if you do cancel your membership (rather than putting it on hold), there is a $79 reactivation fee if you want to return to ClassPass in the future.

So it’s not terrible, but if you cancel then want to reactivate, it’s $79 fee versus putting it on hold for $19/month.

Most workout studios have rules similar to these, but I just wanted to tell you any of the downsides I was aware of before you sign up an pay because I told you it was awesome. I’m nice like that. But you should probably read all of the FAQ on the site to make sure you get ALL the info that I didn’t mention.


I think ClassPass works best for people who live in dense cities with lots of different studio options. If I didn’t have so many options so close to me, it wouldn’t be worth it.

I love it. No harm in giving it a shot. If you like to just stick to one studio because you like the location or a certain teacher — at the least with ClassPass you can test out a bunch of different workout studios in your area, then cancel when you feel like you found the one that you want to invest bigger bucks in.

ClassPass Locations in the US


No, this isn’t a sponsored post, I just really love using ClassPass. If you do sign up through me, I will receive a commission, but I actually wrote this post before I even knew that was an option. 

Photo of me at Fuel Pilates by Abby Jiu