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gazelle horn wall decor

If you follow me on instagram you get to see pieces of my home here and there. Lately I’ve been focusing on my space a lot more than before because I’d really like to get it done sometime in the near future. However, when major pieces of furniture (ahem a couch and dining room table & chairs) need replacing, and you have have an entire wall of built in bookshelves and lots of wallspace (a bit rare in a big city), it takes a lot of work, time, and yes money, to get my place to where I want it to be. Hence why it’s taken me so long. But I thought I’d share a few new pieces in my home with you today. I’ve gotten some things up on the walls that I’m in love with, and I am so excited to really pull it all together (hopefully within the next few months!). I did share a few shots of the lighting around my place which I’m obsessed with.

These gazelle horns top the gallery wall in my office. They add the perfect touch of dimension to an otherwise flat wall of frames.


This silver barnacle sculpture on a crystal base immediately caught my eye while shopping on Clayton Gray Home. It’s different than the other sea-inspired home decor objects I’ve seen on the market and I fell in love with it. It’s really stunning and shiny in person. I love the texture and reflection it adds to my space.

gretchen kelly

I love artist Gretchen Kelly’s one minute pose works. They are affordable original works (not prints) that have her signature style. She has tons to choose from! You can make an entire gallery wall out of her work! (I actually featured two of her other works in this Gallery Wall post.)

What do you think, do you like my direction?