Items in My Kitchen

jo malone hand wash and candle

I feel like we are all secret stalkers. Isn’t that why social media exists? So we can see what other people are up to? I can admit, I love taking walks at night where you can kinda see into people’s houses. I love to see the art, the furniture, the chandeliers, how people design their homes.

I live in a tiny apartment and you’ve already seen my bedroom, my home office/den here and here, and a bit of my living room — not much else to see in this apartment. BUT what I do think is interesting are the products and things that people surround themselves with, items they use every day, or how they organize and decorate their space — no matter how big or small!

So I’m going to start doing a few posts along this vein. First up are a few things in my kitchen. Above is Jo Malone Mimosa & Cardamom hand wash and Jo Malone Basil & Neroli candle (these make a great holiday gift!). I have candles everywhere and burn them all the time. Plus, I’m a bit of a germaphobe and I wash my hands a lot. Not OCD level but anytime I leave my apartment, even if it’s just to walk the dog, I wash my hands when I get back. All the door handles and elevator buttons…I just have to wash my hands when I get back. Is anyone else like this???

on top of fridge

When we moved from our old large apartment to our new, smaller apartment, I had to get rid of a ton of kitchen stuff. Most of it I rarely used anyway, but we just didn’t have the storage in the new place to keep very much of it. So I have to utilize the top of my fridge for some of the storage, but it doesn’t bother me because it’s pretty stuff.

It’s just a bunch of platters, pie plates, and bowls. The cocktail glasses from vintage (find similar ones here), and then I have a juice jug (old from Crate & Barrel). I keep the juice jug in the fridge full of green tea in the summer. The vintage cocktail glasses are my preferred wine glass.

market list

I am very specific about my grocery list. I’d prefer something simple and black and white, but they don’t really exist (maybe I should design one?). I like my grocery list it to be a long notepad, with lines and the most important is that it is magnetic so I can stick it on the side of the fridge. Out of sight, but convenient. If it had a little pen attached, that’d be awesome, but I can live with the pen in a drawer.

crate & barrel pantry jars

Our pantry is basically a bookshelf in a closet because there isn’t really a pantry in this apartment. I think they assume most DC people don’t cook, eat out, get takeout, or get meal delivery or something. Ok we do get meal deliver, so it’s true, but we still needed a few shelves for food. In our pantry I have these glass canisters to store things like nuts, pasta, and flour.

in kitchen

We have limited counter space so I try to keep it almost completely clear, but there are a few things that I do keep out. First I keep a jar full of my metal kitchen utensils out so I can easily grab them while cooking (similar here and here). All of my other kitchen utensils that are plastic are kept in a drawer. Next to it is a garlic keeper which stores fresh garlic with proper ventilation (similar one here). And then I have a set of measuring cups out because they are cute and easy to grab (similar ones here).

modern spice rack

So my spices have always been an annoying issue. I just hadn’t found the perfect solution until now. I found this acrylic spice rack and I love it.

west elm rug

We have this Tidal Graph Wool Rug on the floor in the kitchen.

tote bags

In DC they charge you for bags at the grocery store to encourage people to bring their own bags. So I have a bunch of tote bags that I hung in my pantry to I can quickly grab them before I go to the store.

citrus juicer

Since I have a slight obsession with lemon water, I use one of these every day. The yellow one is a citrus juicer, and it’s super easy. You just cut the lemon in half and this squeezes the crap out of it. BUT sometimes it doesn’t catch all the seeds, so I also sometimes use this mini strainer and just squeeze the lemon by hand.

I’m curious — what are some of the products in your kitchen that you use every day or couldn’t live without? I really want a Le Creuset dutch oven or maybe a version of one that isn’t so heavy and those Silpat mats. Do you guys have either of those? Do you like them?


Photos by Meg Biram