summer essentials

Over at The B Bar‘s blog The Well, we ask our readers a question each month and anyone can answer it, this month we asked what their summer essentials were because our theme for the month is essential. When I think about “summer essentials” my mind immediately goes to what do I use/wear constantly throughout the summer, and five things immediately came to mind.

Continue reading for my 5 summer essentials!

coola sunscreen

I love hanging out by the pool, so I’m constantly wearing COOLA Sunscreen.

panama hat

If you’re going to be in the sun a lot during the summer, a hat and sunglasses are as much an important part of your “beauty routine” as sunscreen is! If you want to avoid having a wrinkly leathery face when you get older, wearing a hat is the way to go — but layer some sunscreen under that too! I wear my Panama Hat to the pool.


They say blue/green eyes are more sensitive to light than brown. Whether or not they are right, my eyes are very sensitive to light, and it’s a bad day if I leave without sunglasses. Currently these flat top sunglasses are what I’m putting on each day.

one love organics

One Love Organics Skin Savior to keep my face moisturized and One Love Organics Vitamin C body oil to keep the rest of my body moisturized and it helps me keep my tan longer! I put this on my arms, legs, and décolleté before I go to bed.

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Photos by Meg Biram