My Top 10 Most Worn Items

anine bing charlie boots

People often ask me to do a post about the key pieces in my wardrobe, so I wanted I’d share what those items have been in the past year. I don’t take a ton of fashion photos anymore (did you know I’m not a fan of being in front of the camera!?) but I did happen to have photos wearing most of these items!

You will not be surprised that most of these items are black and of an edgy vibe. I often wear all black or at least part of my outfit almost everyday is black. I love black. Yes, most of these items aren’t cheap, but I’ve had many of them for a long time, or wear them so much they are worth it and I have no need for another item similar to them.

I’ve found that if I am able (within a certain budget) to get the item I really love that is quality, I never need/want another one until I absolutely wear it out. So I won’t need another black leather moto jacket, maybe forever. See where I’m going with this? These items will be worn for a long long time.


My Top 10 Most Worn Items

1 // Anine Bing Booties — Hands down my favorite item right now and I wear them constantly. I don’t know if any explanation is necessary but these boots are literally my vibe in a boot. Understated, edgy, chic, comfortable, a touch western and rock ‘n’ roll. Gah I love them. See them above. (These were sent to me by the brand.)

meg biram allsaints leather jacket

2 // All Saints Leather Jacket — Once I found this jacket, I thought about it for two years until finally got it (with the help of a little birthday money too). No regrets. I’ve worn it constantly no matter what season and no other leather jacket has held a candle to it. I’ve even convinced other people to buy it and when I see it on them at first I’m like, what is this killer jacket, then I realize it’s mine! Some people think the sleeves feel short, but I have long arms and I love where they hit because you can have your shirt or watch or bracelets peeking out of them. Anyway, clearly I think the jacket is work of art.

Vince slip dress - Meg Biram

3 // Black Slip Dress — I don’t have a lot of super dressy outfits because I just don’t need them that often. Typically I can get away with either my Alexander Wang (see here) or Vince black slip dress (above). Both have gotten lots of wear and have been worth every penny. More pics in this post.

Meg Biram in black cami, black robe, and statement earrings

4 // Cami NYC Racer Top — I tried on countless black lace tanks to find the perfect one, and my friends, I found it. And I’ve worn the shit out of it. And I loved it so much I also got it in white. If going braless scares you these are the best pasties.

white booties

5 // White Booties — I really wanted white booties, but you never know sometimes if you’ll actually wear a trend like that very much. I have worn mine SO MUCH over the past two years. They are all scuffed up now and I don’t care, I’ll keep wearing them.

clare v midi sac

6 // Clare V. Crossbody Midi Sac — I actually have two, one black with stripes (above) and a blush perforated one (both styles are sold out but they always have several different styles at a time). I have used both of them so much. Before that I was using my black Vasic bucket bag (seen in this post), which I still love and use but the crossbody bags have been IT for me this past year.

meg biram - blue skirt

7 // MISA Louisa Skirt — This skirt was a gamble when I bought it, but man did it pull through. I wore it practically all summer. It’s such a stunner in person and shows off your natural waist. It can be dressed up or down. It’s a dream. Of course it’s sold out and I couldn’t find it anywhere or anything similar really but it’s heavy and luxe and fun and I’ll probably wear it for the rest of my life. More pics of this skirt in this post.

8 // Jeans — I wear jeans almost all the time. I actually don’t own very many pants that aren’t jeans. Jeans are my jam. I love Paige jeans but they tend to stretch out a lot. I love Citizens of Humanity — they hold their form well. I mostly wear black and dark gray jeans, but had a pair of dark blue Hudson jeans I really liked this season and wore those a lot. Also loving the lighter washes right now. Basically jeans all day every day (when I’m not in workout pants).

9 // Sweatshirts — I love sweatshirts. I work from home, I wear a lot of them. But I also wear them over my workout tank almost every day because they are easy to wash and stand up to washing constantly. But I also have some chic sweatshirts that aren’t for wearing over your workout clothes and getting sweaty. Recently I got this Anine Bing sweatshirt and have already worn it a million times.

10 // Lululemon — Let’s be real, I spend at least 2-3 hours 5 days a week in workout clothes. Almost all of my pants are Lululemon and I have tops from a few different companies. So activewear as a category gets its on number. I was recently in a store spending my holiday gift card (which I like to do immediately) and was complaining about how all their shirts are so long, and the gal said that they will hem anything for free. Which is great and all, but I also don’t want to have to get my workout tanks hemmed, ya know! Anyway here are a few of the items I’m loving right now: this bralette (not for working out), these pants I got in the rose pattern (who am I with this pattern!?!) but I also have two pairs in black, I just got this tank in black and I LOVE it! The tank is really tight which I want, not long, and has a flattering cut. Also, I’m all about the built-in bra. I hate having to put on a separate bra and tank to workout! Also I only get the pants that are the Nulux fabric because dog hair doesn’t stick to them like it does all other pants!

I’m also going to throw in my old Joie silver sneakers because I wear them when I’m painting and I wore them a lot this year! The silver is gone but you can get them in white.

So there you have it, the items I wear constantly! Maybe I’ll branch out this year and have a few new ones to add to the list. I did just get this sweater (black of course) and love it. This heart necklace is my new fave and these hoop earrings too.

Do you have any items that you wear constantly? Tell me in the comments!