6 beauty products for a dry winter - meg biram - beautyIf you are like me, I have a separate arsenal of beauty products for the winter. Regardless of if the weather is dry or not, I always feel dry. The first and probably most important way to combat all dryness is by drinking a lot of water. Recently I read (somewhere but I don’t remember) that you should divide your weight by 2 and that is how many ounces of water you should drink per day. If you drink a lot of green juice, it can be less.

My dry winter beauty arsenal:

HUMIDIFIERS — So a humidifier isn’t your typical beauty product, and I actually have two of them. One right next to my bed, literally directed at my face. And another one right next to my desk directed at me also. I have a space heater under my desk that I use all winter, so the humidifier was necessary. My mom always had a humidifier in her bedroom and in the living room during the winter growing up. When I was in college, one of my roommates my sophomore year had one in our room, and ever since then I’ve had one next to my bed every winter. It makes such a huge difference for my skin and nose.

LIP BALM — I’m loving these lip balms by this natural brand S.W. Basics. I’ve been wearing the Peppermint all winter!

HAND CREAM — So I actually hate putting lotion on my hands, so my hands end up getting really dry (and sometimes crack and bleed!) before I’ll put lotion on, and then I want to wash it right off after I put it on. I just had the feeling of greasy palms and fingers. Especially my finger tips! That’s what you touch everything with — your phone, computer keys, etc. So putting lotion on during the day while I’m constantly touching my phone and computer — ew. Finding a hand cream that wasn’t greasy but was still uber moisturizing is no easy task. It’s very rare I come across any that hit my high non-greasy standards. Recently Glossybox sent me a box and even though I was skeptical of the cream I was very pleasantly surprised. This Naobay Oxygenating Cream is amazing. And it’s natural & organic. I’m actually just now realizing that it’s for your face (I’ll try it there too although I don’t know if any face product can rival my Skin Savior), but I used it on my hands and it is now my non-greasy hand cream of choice.

OIL PERFUME — So I honestly didn’t know much about perfume beyond just the smell (even though I used to be a perfume buyer) until I met the founder of the beauty line Nomaterra. Agnieszka has become a good friend and I carry her products in my shop. She is obsessed with natural beauty, so I trust her opinion! Perfumes are made of a lot of chemicals, but her perfume oils are made of all natural jojoba oil, so not only are they natural but they aren’t drying to the skin. Win win. This Boston roll-on is my favorite — the scent is unisex (I’ve had an equal number of guys and gals that like it), it’s smoky and sexy and keeps you coming back for more (I also have it in a candle).

CONDITIONER — Because I have thin hair, I only need a tiny drop of conditioner just for the bottom half of my hair. This Amazon White Clay Thickening Conditioner (and shampoo!) from natural beauty line Taya leaves my hair soooooo silky smooth.

MOISTURE MIST — Not only is this Vitamin D Moisture Mist a nice afternoon pick-me-up it is also moisturizing to your skin, naturally.

What beauty products do you use in the winter — I want to know!