My White Bedroom

White Bedroom // Washington DC

I must start by saying that all of these pics are of our bedroom still in progress. It is definitely not finished but I thought it’d be fun to share the progress and where I plan to take it.

Moving from a relatively large apartment (for DC) to a smaller apartment was much harder than I thought it would be. We downsized by over 350+ square feet to be in a location in DC that we prefer for our lifestyle. We were spoiled in our old place and had a ton of storage space. We had to do some MAJOR downsizing when we moved — lots of furniture, lighting, and a bunch of my stuff (including my entire magazine collection!). And the downsizing is still going on. Let’s be real though — it’s all my crap.

I feel like I’ve already downsized SO MUCH and I still have a few more piles/corners to go through before I’ll feel like each section of my home has been gone through since the move. And then over each season I’ll continue to edit everything in my life. The more you get rid of the easier it keeps getting to get rid of more. You realize that you really don’t need much and you’d rather only have the things you love.

White Bedroom // Washington DC

Our new bedroom is much smaller than the one in our previous apartment and we needed smaller furniture to fit in it. In this pic (above) you can see I have a HUGE blank wall. This is the focus wall and it needs a giant piece of artwork. My original thought was to take the mudcloth off the chair on the far left and either frame it or hang it above the bed since it’s large. But my hesitation is just that it’s mostly black and I’m afraid it will be too much black. Now I’m thinking maybe more of a woven wall hanging with grays, whites, and tans. Haven’t found the right one yet, or I can always have a large photo or print framed. I just think the wall needs one large piece and I’m being indecisive about it.

Also in this photo you can see that we have carpet, and I’d love to get a giant rug, but at the same time I don’t want to complicate the room too much so I’d want it to be something simple if I even go there at all.

We also need new bedding and shams. The gray of our old shams and the new headboard don’t really go together and I want them to be white anyway, and I need a simple white duvet cover for our duvet.

White Bedroom // Washington DC

Luggage / Sandals / Lamp

We replaced our 10-year-old bedroom set with this new mid-century inspired dresser. They’re smaller and fit in the room better. Plus I wanted more white since the room is small, but I liked the design lines and addition of the wood color in the pieces.

White Bedroom // Washington DC

Mudcloth (bought at Eastern Market in DC) / Wishbone Chair / Round Basket bought when I was in Rwanda / Black Basket / White Tissue Cover / Glasses

For nightstands, I wanted something that didn’t feel too large. I also needed something that would go well with the white and wood dressers. Matching wood is almost impossible so I wanted something white and it needed to be low because it’s a low bed, but I also wanted a large surface area (I usually have a book, a glass of water, and other random things on my nightstand by the end of the week. I liked the open design of these Ludlow Nightstands from Viesso.

White Bedroom // Washington DC

Pillow (old, similar) / Missoni Blanket (similar) / Sandals

This chair is something we already had in our old place (similar chairs here, here and here) and it fits well in the window corner of the room.

White Bedroom // Washington DC

We have high ceilings, white walls, and surprisingly get a lot of light in through the windows, but because of the size of the room, I wanted to keep it mostly white so it feels bigger and easy on the eyes.

White Bedroom // Washington DC

Lamp / Acrylic Tray / Feather / Candle (I’m obsessed with this scent!)
Books: Life with Picasso; Black & White; Influence; Rhapsody; Vanity Fair 100 Years

I love this brass lamp, but I want matching lighting for both nightstands and I want something either black or white, but leaning toward black.

White Bedroom // Washington DC

Regan Satchel

I’m thinking a full-length mirror would be perfect for this wall by the door.

White Bedroom // Washington DC

As you can see — I’ve got a lot left to do to finish the room. I also need art on the wall above the long low dresser. But I’m happy with where it’s going so far. I was hoping to have it completely done by now but had to realize I can’t do everything all at the same time!

Will do another update when I have art, lighting, and a mirror in place!


See photos of my old place here: my reading nook, my living room (also here), my bedroom, and my home office.


My dresser and chest thanks to The Organizing Store. Nightstands thanks to Viesso.

Photos by Laura Metzler // Styling by Meg Biram