Next Stop // Iceland

Next Stop — Iceland

I’m super excited to announce that my next trip, this September, will be to Iceland!

What I know so far is that I’ll be doing The Pearl Tour. An 9-10 hour trek where we will hit up Þingvellir National Park, one of Iceland‘s most significant historical sites. Then on to Geysir Hot Spring Area, a highly active geysir with boiling mud pits and spouting hot springs. Then onto one of Iceland’s most powerful waterfalls, Gullfoss, which is fed by Langjökull glacier. Hello snowmobiles!

I will also get to experience the Blue Lagoon. Geothermal seawater, here I come!

I’ll be staying in Reykjavík, so I’d love any of your Iceland experiences and recommendations! I have a day and a half of activities left to plan, and I definitely need some restaurant recommendations.


Photo by Jeff Sheldon via Unsplash, text added by Meg Biram