I finally booked our flights to Spain! My husband an I are meeting my brother and his wife in Malaga for a week, but we are going a week early to hit up a few more cities, and I want ALL of your recommendations and advice! We leave in mid-May.

We are flying into Madrid, and I was thinking we’d stay one day/night in Madrid, then immediately hop a train to Barcelona the next day. Stay in Barcelona a few days, then train to Valencia for a day or two, then down to Malaga. While in Malaga, we are planning to take day trips to Granada, Gibraltar, and Ronda. And maybe Seville and Cordoba. I definitely want to hit up Seville on our way back up to Madrid before we fly back to the states.

So I want ALL of your recommendations about what you think the best train pass is to buy, your favorite cities we should hit, anywhere we should absolutely stop for a few hours, favorite hotels and restaurants, things to do, and any tips.

I want to hit up all the amazing architecture and museums in Barcelona, the Sagrada Familia of course, and the Picasso museum in Malaga, but that’s about as far as my planning has gotten, so seriously, please leave me your recommendations in the comments or even links to travel blog posts that you think did a great job covering Spain!

I don’t have San Sebastian in this trip because I feel like it should be its own thing. Or maybe have it on the end of a France trip or something, but I hear it’s AMAZING. 


Photo by Tyler Hendy via Unsplash