Nine Years

Meg Biram in white kimono dress and round sunglasses

Today marks nine years in my blogging career. Nine! Can you guys believe I’ve been doing this that long?!?

I remember the day I started my blog. I was at work and I was talking to a co-worker about what I should name it. I’m sure she thought I was crazy. At the time the two-cute-names together was popular for boutiques, so if you’ve been around long enough, you already know that for the first 5 or so years of my blog it was called MIMI+MEG. That was back when everyone was on blogspot.

Meg Biram - Kimono Dress - Coach Bag

Man were those the days! All the photos on the Internet were low res, everyone posted photos that were different sizes, Pinterest wasn’t even around yet. When I go back and look at the first four years or so of my blog I’m like oh geez! It was just so different back then!

Meg Biram in kimono dress at fountain in Meridian Hill

A little over three years ago I rebranded to MEG BIRAM and designed the current site you see now. I designed the site on my own to save money, and then paid a developer to make it actually work. At the time, it was fine. But now, it has some issues. Don’t worry, I’m fixing them.

Meg in white Kimono Dress

One of the main challenges in the online content industry that you always have to be on top of new technology and new platforms. Things change, you can’t control it, and you have to adapt. I know my current site isn’t mobile friendly — but my new one (launching early next year) will be!

Free People Kimono Dress

Reflecting on nine years is kind of overwhelming. When I started my blog I had no idea what it would turn into. I started it for two reasons, both of which sort of came true in their own way. One was because I thought that my blog would be a good online aesthetic portfolio for anyone who wanted to hire me.

The second was because I always knew I wanted to be a creative entrepreneur in some capacity, so I figured I’d build an audience online that liked my style, and by the time I had a product for them I’d have an interested audience.

Both of those things happened, just not in the way I pictured at the time.

Meg in kimono dress at fountain in Meridian Hill

In 2007 I had no idea that my blog would become my full-time job, that I’d get to work with some amazing brands, and travel around the world. I’m proud of all the hard work I’ve put into this website over the past nine years and where it has taken me.

When consulting, people often talk to me about how they are confused about what direction to go in. One question I always ask them is what do they do in their spare time, and what would they do even if they didn’t get paid for it?

White Kimono dress and malachite bangles

I created content for years, years until I made a dime off of it. And it wasn’t until a few years ago that I made a full living off of the site. Things were different nine years ago. Now people expect to start a blog and start making money quickly. It’s doable, but I just think to myself about how I literally worked on creating content every day for four or five years before brands even started wanting to give me products to try out!

Meg in kimono dress at Meridian Hill

I’m so grateful that I have had the opportunity to be a part of this new world of online content for almost a decade. If I was born 50 years earlier I wouldn’t have been a part of the first wave of bloggers.

When I was in journalism school I wanted to work for a fashion magazine. Now I realize I have it way better. I basically get to create my content for my own online magazine everyday. It’s a dream job, and trust me I do not take it for granted for one second.

Meg Biram in white Kimono Dress

I’m excited for the next version of and the content to come. I feel inspired and energized about what is ahead. You guys, my new site is siiiiiick. You will easily be able to read it on your tablet or phone, getting into the archives will be SO much easier, and I will have so many cool new things that don’t exist currently on my site, and a few that I’ve never seen on other blogs or content in general. I’m dying for you guys to see it!

Tan Coach Dinky Bag & Kimono Dress

And I have another big announcement to share with you…

Meg Biram Kimono Dress

I am launching an online course THIS WEEK. I will have more info in another post, but I will be sharing some more personal thoughts in my newsletter about it so SIGN UP HERE if you want to read what is in the deep crevasses of my brain!

I hope you’ll all stick with me for another nine years! 

Meg Biram in kimono dress at Meridian Hill


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Photos by Laura Metzler