KOKO HEADView from the top of Koko Head

Last month many of you liked the October Goals post so I thought I’d continue the trend. This month is a little different than usual…



+ I feel like I’m still in October actually. My flight home from Cabo was cancelled so I got to spend an extra day in the sun. I’m not even home yet to start working on everything I need to do before I leave town again. More on that later. October has been really interesting/fun since I’ve been in Hawaii and Cabo San Lucas for the last few weeks.

+ Oahu was amazing. I’ll have a few posts coming up about the trip soon. A few quick highlights: the food was amazing, the weather and the beach were beautiful, I found an amazing store where I got a few things, and my favorite part — hiking Koko Head (photo above).

+ I’m still in Cabo, and it’s been super fun and relaxing. Will share my experience here too soon of course!



+ I’ll be cramming in as much work as possible into the next 9 days before I leave for the second half of the month.

+ The biggest, coolest thing I’m doing this month (and maybe up there with coolest thing I will ever do in my life) — I’m heading to Rwanda with kate spade new york! Definitely a pinch me life experience. I, along with a few other bloggers and magazine writers, will be heading to Rwanda to learn about their collection On Purpose. More on that later!

+ To celebrate my trip to Rwanda, I’m going to be giving away this kate spade new york tote in cherry liqueur. Stay tuned!

+ The day after I get back to DC from Rwanda I leave to go home to Kansas City for Thanksgiving. Ahem, GO ROYALS!

+ The fall is always full of a ton of events in DC, so I’ll be attempting to make it to some of those too.

November is full of travel and work, and that’s about it!



Looking back at my goals for October, I wasn’t really home for a third of it, and the other part I was racing to finish what I needed to do before I left. I’d say the only goal I actually did somewhat regularly was drinking smoothies for breakfast and I got a lot done before I left. I went to yoga a lot in the beginning of the month and then got busy. I think I finished one or two books. So let’s just say that many of my goals were not met as I was sidetracked by getting as much stuff done as I could before I left.

This month my goals will be a little more realistic considering I’m only in DC for nine days before I leave for Rwanda and Kansas City for the rest of the month.

So my goals this month are:

+ Get all of my posts shot before I leave on the 14th.

+ Schedule as many posts as possible. I will have wifi in Rwanda, but you just never know how good it will be. When I went to the Bahamas I researched that there was wifi and it was terrible and I couldn’t get anything accomplished, so I’m just going to try to plan for that as much as I can.

+ Major detox when I get home. Hawaii was all about food, food, food. Cabo has been all about Pacifico, Pool, and Party. And food. So ya, let’s just say I need eat salads, drink tea, and go to yoga. All day. Every day.

+ Prep for holiday content. This is a monster.

We’ll see if I get any reading done, any progress on the GSD ebook, and anything besides client work and content.

There it is — let me know your goals this month too!