NYC // BlogFest 2012

If you’ve been following my twitter or Instagram (megbiram) closely you’re probably up to speed on these pics. I went to NYC for almost a week for several reasons (find me any good reason, and I’ll head up there!), mainly I was attending BlogFest, but I also attended Blogstar Supper, multiple dinners with friends, shot a loft in Tribeca (post coming up this week), shot an NYC version for my My City column, went to the Stationery Show, the Schiaparelli and Prada Exhibit at The Met, Picasso and Gilot exhibit at The Gagosian, and walked around many NYC neighborhoods. (Another NYC post coming up tomorrow.)

BlogFest is put on by an assortment of sponsors, but it’s geared toward (well, who attended at least) was mostly interior designers with blogs, or interior bloggers. I’m more of a lifestyle blogger, but obviously interiors is one of my main topics. Plus, as a digital/social media consultant, I feel as though I should attempt to attend or speak at the gamut of conferences so I remain up to speed on everything. Above is a Kelly Wearstler for Lee Jofa window inside the showrooms… I mean, of course.

Top Row: Gorgeous view from the Hearst Tower / Laura Trevey brought some of her watercolor prints and gave them out to a few bloggers (smart lady). I was able to get my kate spade clutch print home in one piece, and plan to frame it and hang it my closet.

Middle Row: Chassity had on some gorgeous accessories that needed to be documented. She posted about her necklace here. / Me, Chassity, and Erika at the Elle Decor Modern Life Concept House.

Bottom Row: Getting my hair washed at DryBar… is it bad that the washing massage is always my favorite part? (DryBar hosted a small group of bloggers while we were in town for BlogFest — they weren’t a BlogFest sponsor.) Two DryBar’s are opening in DC soon! / Liz of Shorely Chic had on a cute rope bracelet I had to snap.

Above is a room in the Elle Decor Modern Life Concept House that Lee from Pieces decorated. She is darling and I loved how she displayed the urchins on the wall in her room.

I wish I had more photos to share with you from BlogFest, but honestly many of the places we went to (Kips Bay Show House, Elle Decor Modern Life Concept House) were just too damn crowded to get any good pics of the interiors. I’m grateful I got to see them, but even as an non-claustrophobic person, it was a little too crowded for me. Maybe send us in shifts next time?

Regardless of the tight spaces + lots of people, it was great to meet many of my digi-friends in person. And as a magazine journalism major in college, going to the Hearst Tower was like going to the Vatican for me. Newell, EIC of House Beautiful, anchored a great panel; Alexa Hampton was hysterical; the Kravet family was so kind… they even rode the buses from place to place and chatted with everyone.. The Kravets. They were down-to-earth from what I could gather.

To see other BlogFest recaps, you can poke around the sites of the attendees.

If you are curious whether or not to attend BlogFest next year, let me give a little info. 

If you have the time and finances, know a few other bloggers/designers going and want to meet them in person, can split a hotel with people or stay with friends or airbnb, then great. You will probably have fun at the very least.  

Will the $$$ be worth it?

Depends on what you put into it. Also, depending on what your goal is from attending, there are certain things you need to do prior to coming (to any conference). I think there is a myth that if you just attend conferences you will learn everything you need to know, meet everyone, and your blog/business will blow up.

That usually isn’t the case.

You have to be outgoing, have business cards on you, walk up to strangers and introduce yourself, and if you are wanting to connect with any of the speakers or sponsors, you should probably email them in advance. I also suggest mapping out your days, where you want to eat (if it isn’t provided), meeting up with other bloggers or companies in the city you are traveling to, and making the most of your time wherever you are going. Be yourself, be genuine, and plan things out in advance. Email/tweet other bloggers that are going and start getting to know them. Just know that the editors, sponsors, and PR people will meet 150 people that day, and most likely won’t remember everyone. If you have a purpose for emailing them, follow up after the event. And if you can stay somewhere close to where everything is going on, it’s a good idea because you will be exhausted, might want to take a quick nap, change for the evening, and I’m sure one day you’ll want to change your shoes.