NYC // Blogstar Supper

I took the bus up to NYC yesterday where I’ll be for a week of pure work fun, but for work. Last night I went to Pasanella and Son for a rose wine tasting and dinner put on by Sarah of Blogstar. Sarah was so kind to invite me and feature me on Blogstar a few weeks ago.

Pasanella and Son is such a cool shop and even has a little vintage car inside.

We sat in the back room, tasting roses, nibbling on scarfing down cheese, salami and cupcakes (I was hungry), and chatting about all of our blogs and careers. It was so refreshing to hear everyone’s background, to talk a little biz, and just have genuine conversation with some amazing and talented women (Deborah, Victoria, Maggie, Susan, Leslie, Gretchen, Ashley, Amy, Natalie). I think I was smiling ear-to-ear the entire night.

We each received a personalized package from catbird. (Thank You!) I’m wearing the Tocca Stella perfume today. It’s got some blood orange in it which I am obsessed with right now. I’m also really excited to try the Lulu Organics hair powder, because let’s be honest, I use a lot of hair powder.

Huge thanks to Susan & William Brinson for hosting me last night! Their place is amazing! Thanks again to Sarah for inviting me. She’s a rockstar.

Photos by Meg Biram