As I finish up my GSD book (lots of book writing lately) I think about my own goals each month and each quarter. October is the start of 4th quarter, and usually the busiest time of year for a lot of industries, mine included.

Since I write a lot about entrepreneurism and business and feature entrepreneurs and amazing people in my GSD (get shit done) and Behind the Biz columns, while I finish up the GSD book, I thought it might be fun to share what my own goals are. I’ve always struggled with whether or not to post this type of stuff, so let me know if you like it or not in the comments! And let me know what your own goals are!




+ I’m going to HAWAII!!! I know, die. I’m so so excited to be heading to Oahu with some amazing bloggers. I’ve never been to Hawaii, so I am beyond stoked. Now I have to figure out what to pack!!! Anyone have an cool boutique or must-see recommendations for Honolulu and the North Shore of Oahu?

+ I’m also going to CABO SAN LUCAS! Don’t hate me. My husband and I are going to stay with friends (one of our friends has a house there). What I’m really excited about is that we’ll be there for Halloween and Dia de los Muertos which is a HUGE deal in Mexico. I can just imagine all the photos… Again, taking all recommendations you have for Cabo!

+ Tons of events going on this month. I’m excited for one in particular where I’ll get to meet Jenna Lyons. I need to get my outfit together for that!

+ My niece turns 7. Holy shit. I can’t imagine how my sister feels!

+ I’ll be doing tons of fall fashion & beauty photo shoots this month.



+ Hit up yoga 5x a week. Lucky for me there’s a Core Power Yoga within walking distance of my hotel in Honolulu! Cabo is another story. But considering my husband teach CrossFit and works out every day, I’m sure he’s got something in store for me.

+ Drink protein smoothies for breakfast on the regular. I think I’ve just never eaten enough protein in my diet and I want to try to build some muscle. I’ve been putting half a scoop of this Vega Sport protein powder in my smoothies (Hilary recommended it to me). Doing this helps me not eat something in the carb family and eggs are just too much for me early in the morning.

+ Finish at least 5 books. Although with the amount of planes and beaches I’m going to be on, I’d say that’s a conservative number. Currently I’m reading One Hundred Years of Solitude and listening to Three Daughters on Audible. I need to be more diligent about getting in bed earlier and starting to read earlier. I’m usually working or fiddling around on Instagram and Pinterest and then I read. When I could read for probably an hour longer and probably get more sleep if I started reading earlier. Work/social media addict much? I crossed off two books from this list in September, and I already have a stack of books waiting to be read at home (and I might have ordered a few more…).

+ Get the first draft of the GSD ebook done. I mean, I started it last November, put it down to write The Life Edit, realized I wanted to change it a little, and am now back to working on it, and honestly I think it’s going to be so much better! I had an epiphany over the last six months about how I want to do one section that is mucho importante. I might even bust it out into a 2-part thing, which I’ll explain when it launches. I have an ambitious launch date in mid-November, but we’ll see about that. Early December at the latest.

+ Do my own LIFE EDIT to my own closet. I am constantly getting rid of things, but I’ve been saving some of it up so I can take you on the journey with me — so now that the book is out, I can shoot the process of myself going through THE LIFE EDIT.

+ Efficiency, strategy, and planning for blog posts, social media, and newsletters. I could write thousands of words on this, but I’ll spare you. Because my business is just me + a part-time intern, I have a lot to do, but some of it I need to do better and more efficiently!

+ Think BIGGER. Way bigger. Figure out ways to help me think bigger. Talk to people who think bigger.


What are your goals this month?

Let me know if you like these goal posts, and I’ll continue to do them!


October image written by me!