October Mood


I write this post while listening to Tom Petty. RIP. I’ve loved Tom Petty since I was a kid. I vividly remember listening to his albums with my cousin Maria in her bedroom in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She sang along with her beautiful singing voice and I was hooked.

It’s been a sad start to October of course with the news of Las Vegas. One of the scariest things, to me, are the lone wolf crazies (or mentally ill) who don’t show a lot of signs of doing something really really crazy and awful. There’s not much to say that hasn’t already been said. I don’t like to talk politics here, it’s just not the place for it, but I’m saddened for all those involved in any way.

We stay strong by continuing to forge ahead in life. It is precious, we must live everyday knowing it is fleeting.

Something I always think about is if I die today, will I leave everyone who loves me feeling good about our relationship and the last time we spoke? Will I leave my husband a mess of things or do I have everything in order for him so things are easier on him to deal with? Have I made use of the talents I was born with and passions I have? Have I noticed character flaws and tried to change them to be a better, kinder, more sympathetic and caring and thoughtful person? Is what I’m doing today something that matters to me?


Which is why I think self reflection is so important, it helps us think about and identify what we’ve been doing with our time. So let’s get to it.

Happened in September:

+ I painted a mural that is going in Chef Kwame Onwuachi’s new restaurant Kith & Kin in the Intercontinental Hotel at the Wharf. Cannot wait to see it in person once it’s up!

+ I did a ton of photo shoots for projects coming up this fall. All of the sudden things went from slow to super busy. I prefer super busy.

+ My husband was out of town for work for almost the entire month, so I was alone a lot = lots of wine and Netflix and working too late. I’m very happy to have him home.

+ I was featured in Northern Virginia Magazine and Capitol File!

Coming up in October:

+ TONIGHT (10/3) I’m hosting an event at the kate spade new york store in City Center.

+ Three of my best friends from college are coming into town for a long weekend! I can’t wait to hang out with them! Lots of food and drinks will be involved.

+ There’s another super fun event going on this month — SUPERFIERCE! Get your tickets for the kickoff party here!

+ I’m going to see Foster the People at Union Market at the All Things Go Fall Classic.

+ The Foo Fighters are opening The Anthem at the Wharf and tickets went so fast I couldn’t get one. Scheming how I can still get in…

+ I’m hosting an event at Barre3 in Old Town on October 24th and another one at Longchamp in City Center on October 25th! Mark those dates in your calendar!

+ The Joan Didion documentary comes out at the end of the month on Netflix, and I’m going to try to read a bunch of her books before I watch it!

+ My personal goals are painting, reading, efficient working, making better decisions, and just being a good friend and family member. Also my “room” in my house (my home office/closet) is a messy disaster and needs to be taken care of. I also need to plan some trips for my husband and I for this November and December — he has a lot of vacation he has to use so he won’t lost it!

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