serial podcast


WHOOOOAAAAA. If you haven’t started listening to Serial the podcast let me warn you that it is totally addictive and you will not be able to stop. After listening to all of it in one day (yesterday) I started to think, what is so addicting about this? Then I remembered I used to watch Law & Order, CSI and continue to watch Dateline and 60 Minutes. So obviously murder stories are interesting to me and the masses. (FYI this is NOT a spoiler alert.)

But I’ve been thinking about it as a podcast and just how different it is from how you would watch a show like this on TV. What annoys me so much about the Dateline-type shows is that if you miss the first half, every time they come back from commercial break they recap it for you — which in my mind is a waste of time. I’d rather have more information than the same information ten times. I’d heard about Serial, and thought I’d give it a try at some point. It caught on so fast in a matter of weeks before I even had the chance to listen to it. So yesterday while getting ready (was dressing up to go to a baby shower) I listened to the first episode. Consider me hooked at that point.

I downloaded the next one on my iPad before I left to drive out to the baby shower (an hour drive) so I could listen to the next one without draining the battery on my phone (needed it for GPS). Then on my way home I continued to listen to the next episodes, and for the rest of the day could not stop listening. Sarah Koenig’s voice just holds you there, and the editing and music is done really well.

Having gone to journalism school, (although not becoming a reporter) the time that they must spend on researching, fact-checking, editing — must be enormous.

I’m so curious how this story ends. How many more episodes will there be (I cannot find an answer to that)? Currently there are nine, and the next one comes out December 4th due to Thanksgiving this week.

I love the extreme detail they go into and listening to the thought process behind it all. Fascinating. Get all the info on the Serial website. You have to listen to it starting with Episode 1. Definitely don’t skip around.

(Mini spoiler alert starting here.) After listening to the nine episodes currently out, I still just have no idea who did it. Adnan’s voice and demeanor is so convincing to me (that he is innocent). If he did do it, he’s an amazing actor. And after they went out to talk to Jay now, they seemed to feel as though he wasn’t lying either. But I definitely still think there’s something fishy with Jay as much as I don’t want to. I want to think it’s just some random serial killer (is that why it’s called Serial?!?). And the current boy in Hae’s life at the time, Don, seems like there could be multiple episodes about him left. Was he really working at the time? Is there proof?

We’ll just have to wait and see!

Have you listened to it yet? Are you hooked? What do you think?