on feeling spent

You can’t effectively GSD (get shit done) when you are exhausted. This happens to me a few times a year, I just feel spent. Not burned out, because technically burned out means long-term exhaustion and diminished interest in work. I don’t have a diminished interest in work. I am always flowing with content and business ideas. The desire to work and the ideas are there, but the energy just isn’t. Spent means used up, exhausted, or drained of energy or effectiveness. I am spent.

In the winter I’m really productive. I hate being cold and am not a fan of winter so I use the time that I’m stuck inside to work a lot, where when it’s nice outside I try to be outside as much as possible. During the holidays I usually take a break and do a lot of reading so in January/February I feel good, but after two months of working really hard and being inside all the time, by March I’m tired again and have the overwhelming urge to sleep in the sun on a beach. For days.

Lately I’ve been leaving the studio at a normal time, going home, cooking/eating, and then getting right back to work. I’m working on a few things right now that I just want to finish so I can take a little break. At the minimum I need to sleep a lot and get a massage. What I should probably actually do is go away for a few days. Spa resort? Beach? Yes and yes. I’m so pale right now my skin blends in with my white hair. This body could use a little Vitamin D.

This past weekend I worked a little on Saturday, and on Sunday when I tried to do a little more work (because I love it and want to) I literally opened my computer and my eyes/brain were like NO. I could feel my body telling me, no work today. So I ended up watching House of Cards. I was even too exhausted to go outside and it was the first really nice sunny day. I did however open the window and stick my head out in the sun and just breathe for a while.

I think recharging your batteries is really important to being able to not only work effectively, but also it helps clear your head so you can see things in a different way. And usually that is when all of the really good ideas come.

Do you find yourself feeling spent sometimes? What do you do to recharge?  


Photo courtesy of The Dreslyn