on my radar

I was thinking about the number 13 yesterday at the pool. Our building has 14 floors but they skipped 13 — I think that’s pretty normal for buildings to not have a 13th floor. Even thought it’s normal — I think it’s really strange. Are we that superstitious where the majority of the buildings in our country don’t have a 13th floor due to just superstition? Like an entire number has just been wiped out because it’s “unlucky” — seems a little crazy to me.

Anywho — let’s get on to a few home items that are currently on my radar:

This table lamp comes in black and white and is surprisingly cheaper than I thought it’d be.

Paying $7 for a matchbox seems crazy, but this NYC matchbox is just too damn cute. For me it’s not crazy because I use small things like this in photo shoots all the time, so for me it’s more of a prop.

Anything and everything marble is my thing, and it’s super popular right now. I’m interested to see this marble parsons desk in person.

Even though I don’t have much color in my home or office, I’m always drawn to colorful kilim rugs — must resist! And everything at Furbish is 15% off until midnight tonight!

This metal stripe box adds a simple twist to an otherwise ordinary white lacquer box.

So I have a few of these geometric plates from CB2 and I’ll be adding this mint one to my prop closet, because hello it’s perfect for photo shoots.