On My Radar No.29

What I want, love, and need from CB2!

CB2 vases and objects

I do my best to keep our home as minimal as I can. My husband is a minimalist, but in my profession that is really hard to do. Also, I enjoy collecting things I love, especially when I can also use them in photoshoots.

We also have a small home and I don’t want it to feel overloaded with stuff so I’m very picky about what I purchase and bring into our home. CB2 asked me to come up with a Want, Love, Need List and being one of my favorite home stores, that was not hard to do. I’m sharing some items I want, love, and need here, and some on CB2’s blog as well.

You might think want, love, and need could be one in the same, but once I started really thinking about what I actually needed, versus what I just wanted, versus what I just loved but maybe didn’t need or necessarily want, it was easy to categorize everything.

First up — WANT!

3 Items I Want from CB2

I love how the scallops on this ivory table take a simple white circular table to the next level.

Show me a marble serving board — especially one with black, green, and white in it — and I’m going to want it.

This black console table is not only functional, especially with that extra shelf, but I love how the legs have an extra detail in them.

I’m always cold, so I have blankets all over my house. Because of Hemingway, I have to look for blankets that won’t show his white hair so much, which is why I want this dorado blanket (below).

CB2 Blanket

Next up — LOVE!

6 Items I Love at CB2

It would probably be hard to find much I don’t love at CB2 but these are a few of their new items that I love.

I love this pink planter so I might just have to find a spot for it!

Eventually when we renovate our bathrooms I’ll need new lighting but for now this double post sconce is in the love category.

As soon as spring comes in a few months I will actually need outdoor planters but for now I’m loving this round black planter.

Also available in a chair, these acrylic barstools are so chic.

Just the name tufted nude leather daybed makes my heart ache for another room to fill with beautiful pieces of furniture like this.

I have a soft spot for chairs and am especially drawn to sculptural ones like this Isa chair.

Let’s just say that linen and dog paws don’t really get along. Hemingway has taken a few years off of our current couch’s life, so I’m keeping new couch ideas in the back of my mind for when ours is fully ruined. I love channeled leather like the sofa below! It’s like a moto jacket for your living room.

CB2 Sofa

Last but not least — NEED!

7 Items I Need from CB2

Being that we bought a house in the past year, we actually do need some things for it. I use the word need gently as we aren’t talking about food and shelter, but you get the idea!

When we moved into our new house last year I immediately took down all of the curtains and curtain rods. They were a no-go for me and I couldn’t look at them for one more second. Problem is, I haven’t replaced them yet, so we are definitely in need of new curtain rods and curtains or shades for our windows! These black marble curtain rods would be perfect.

Oh Hemingway, coming up again. The pup loves pillows, and while there were two on our couch that already needed replacing, he has cemented that as a need. So I will be purchasing some new pillows for our living room in the near future. Loving this rose pillow and this patterned pillow.

While I like the lamps we currently have in our master bedroom, they have to be polished and cleaning them is beyond annoying, so I’m ready to sell and replace them with something simple and easy. Since our bedroom is black with mid-century style furniture, these white table lamps would fit in seamlessly.

This winter has been mild so far with several warm spells where I wished we already had patio furniture! My husband finished our new patio over Thanksgiving and now we’re just missing furniture so we can actually use it. Okay and we want to replace the existing awning as well, but that’s not going to stop me from enjoying the patio before we do that! I’ve already got it figured out where I want the table and chairs, lounge furniture, and my reading chair with a side table for my beverage of course. This portal side table would look very cool on our new patio, with my beverage of choice on it.

All the lighting in the house (which isn’t much) needs to be replaced as it’s all an absolute eyesore. I’m loving this simple pendant light for our upstairs hallway.

Don’t laugh but I read a horoscope for 2018 that said I needed more plants in my life. And while I don’t believe in horoscopes, I do believe that I need more plants in my life considering I currently have zero in my home. These Lupa planters are calling to me to bring in some plant life to my house!


This post was done in partnership with CB2. All thoughts and opinions are my own.