I haven’t thought much about home decor for my own space for a long time. I spent a lot of time working on it a year or two ago, got it to where I was happy with it, and just left it alone. I do need a bedroom redo but since it’s the bedroom and our current bedroom isn’t really that bad, and the back part of my bedroom is hard to photograph, it’s not really worth it to me to try to update until we move to a new place.

I mostly think about home decor and furniture in terms of styling and props for photo shoots at this point. I don’t buy anything for my actual house, it’s almost always something to use for a shoot, or at the studio. Funny how things change. However, we want to get another dog really badly, and can’t have them in our current building, so we are definitely looking around for a new place. I know once we find a new place (or even buy another home at some point) I’ll be ready to change things up.

So even though I don’t post a bunch of interior photos like I used to (I just think reposting other photos that have been published elsewhere is kinda boring), I’m still very much interested in interiors, furniture and decor. And as soon as I have a new place to redecorate and show off, you know I will!

Now that I’m on the east coast, the nautical beach boat look is much more prevalent then when we lived in Kansas City. This Portside Sconce has a subtle nautical feel so I think it can also be looked at as just a modern fixture.

Gah this Buttering Board is so dang cute — I smell a photo prop!

My next surface will be something white marble. This Marble Topped Side Table and the coffee table are soooooo pretty, plus surprisingly really affordable!

Jonathan Adler is my jam, and I’m loving this new Brigitte Navy Lounge Chair.

I love white vases that have a cool texture or design, so this Fold Vase caught my eye.

Jennifer Ament is amazing. I love her work! This Large Seaweed IIII print would fit right in with my all black everything aesthetic.

For people who love to entertain, these Scepter Picks are really fun!


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