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I actually wasn’t planning on taking a 2-week break from blogging. My plate just got too full and my brain wouldn’t function and something had to give. It definitely wasn’t for lack of content — I’ve always got ideas for posts. Right now I have over 100 drafts of posts just waiting to be finished. But I didn’t want to stress myself out or slap together a post that wasn’t good.

So I just gave myself a little break.

There were days where I tried to quickly finish a post and it just wasn’t working. There were other more pressing matters that I needed to take care of and I just didn’t feel good about not taking my time with my content here on the blog. I know how valuable your time is, and if you are going to come here and read and enjoy my content, I want it to be good. Whether it’s something I’ve written, photographed, or a curation of products — I want to create something I’m proud of.

Why was I too busy to post content to the blog?

I had a large photo shoot for a client where I built a flower wall. A lot more goes into producing a good photo shoot than people realize. That’s why companies like Martha Stewart and Hallmark have giant prop closets (actually Hallmark’s is more like a warehouse) and it can take days or weeks to shoot certain projects. Over the past few years of styling shoots, I’ve come to learn that everything takes way longer than you think — especially when you don’t have that giant handy prop closet (although I’m building a nice collection of props at my studio). Plus shopping for props in DC (i.e. driving around DC) is a bit of a nightmare depending on the time of day.

If you want to have an organized, smooth photo shoot — gathering and organizing all of your props and making sure you have everything on hand that you will need is critical (things like an iron and scissors too!). I usually work with the same three photographers, so we have a rhythm and we can work a little faster than I could with someone I haven’t worked with before. The shoot went really well and my client was really happy — yay!

I also had last-minute photo shoot for a champagne client who wanted a quick turnaround. Food is always harder to shoot, and again, it always takes longer than you think. So I was trying to fit that in before I left for New York.

Another reason I didn’t have time to blog — I was in New York City for a few days. I was there because I was speaking about Instagram and social media at the Chapel Designers Conference. It was one of the most fun experiences I’ve ever had speaking at a conference. The audience had tons of questions so it really just turned into an Instagram and social media Q&A session — which I thought was super fun. I mean, I could talk about Instagram and social media all day so I loved it.

Speaking of Instagram — we just launched our Instagram 101 ebook over at The B Bar yesterday! Victoria and I each write different ebooks for The B Bar but we both edit every book and add content to them. The Instagram ebook is my baby, so I’m super excited about it. It’s 28 pages about all things Instagram, so if you’ve ever wondered how I do things on Instagram, it’s all in this ebook! There will be an advanced version at some point, but I’m recovering from this one. We go through a lot of edits to make the ebooks the best they can be and both being designers, we are very meticulous about the design as well, so a 28-page ebook can take a while to write, edit, edit again, more editing, design, edit again, proofread, link, check the links, write a post for The Well, amplify the post on social media…you get the idea.

So, two large photo shoots, a trip to NYC, finishing the Instagram ebook, shipping out all the GSD notepad orders, plus editing my other ebook The Life Edit, attempting to stay on top of my email, (and my intern was gone on Spring Break for a week!) and finishing other projects, etc. — you can see why I just couldn’t get a quality post up.

I am definitely not trying to complain or glorify being busy. I work for myself, I make my own schedule, and therefore make my own “busy.” I love all the work I do, and I just wanted to let you know why you haven’t seen any content here for two weeks and assure that I’m not going anywhere — just needed a little break. If you follow me on Instagram, you probably already knew what I was up to.

In other news — I joined SnapChat, come find me — megbiram is my username.

Also, if you ever have any ideas of what you want me to cover here or on YouTube — please let me know. I love your questions, and knowing what you type of content you’d like to see more of.


Photo via The Dreslyn