Outdoor Entertaining on the Patio

CB2 Outdoor Entertaining with Meg Biram

We are in the throes of summer! And now that my patio is finally finished I can do one of the things I love doing — have people over! There’s just something about gathering a bunch of friends together, being outside, and having a good time. Life doesn’t get too much better than that. So I teamed up with CB2 to throw a little Patio Party with some of my friends!

There were a few stars of the party — the rolling cooler, the serving platters, and the sangria! The sangria recipe I used was super simple — just red wine, fresh-squeezed orange juice, some sparkling water, and fresh fruit (oranges, apples, and strawberries)!

On the serving platters, I did my best imitation of my friend who is professional meat & cheese board maker on the platters. By the end of the night, my guests and I were able to consume almost all the food! The rolling cooler was so handy to keep drinks ice cold and within reach.

The DC area is very humid in the summer, and there are lots of mosquitos so I used the incense burner and candles (bugs don’t like flames and smoke) to keep them at bay (plus a few fans)!

There’s just something about having people over, and making the effort to make it feel a little extra special. Trust me, I’ll be having people over for casual nights of pizza delivery and beer as well, but every once in a while I love to spend time making things a little more involved. I think it shows you care, and people love to feel that you care.

CB2 Decor - Outdoor Coffee Table

Meg Biram at Patio Party

CB2 Entertaining - Outdoor Dining

CB2 Entertaining - Carafe

CB2 Entertaining Decor - Flowers and Candle

CB2 Entertaining - Carafe with Sangria

CB2 Entertaining - Outdoor Dining Meat and Cheese Plate

CB2 Entertaining - Outdoor Dining

CB2 Rolling Cooler

Meg Biram Patio Party

Summer Entertaining - Carafe of Sangria

CB2 Entertaining - Outdoor Patio Party

Outdoor Coffee Table Decor

Summer Patio Party

Rolling Cooler with Bottle Opener

Summer Patio Party with Friends

Sangria Patio Party

Red Wine Glasses

Patio Party - Pouring Sangria

Outdoor Incense burner

Meg Biram's pup Hemingway


Photos by Luke Wright