Outdoor Patio Reveal

Meg Biram - Outdoor Patio Furniture Reveal

The time has come! If you’ve been following my patio progress on Instagram Stories you’ve seen bits and pieces of the transformation of my back patio! Today I’m excited to reveal the final photos!

I was so excited to partner with CB2 for our patio. I love their affordable modern furniture, and their neutral aesthetic matches mine so this partnership was ideal for me.

When we bought our home last year we knew there was potential for our back yard but in its current state we never used it. Not even once. So as soon as we solidified our vision, my husband got to work building the patio, ripping off the awning, and getting it to a place where we could finally get some furniture and use the space! I’ll be doing a separate before and after post so stay tuned for that.


Meg Biram - CB2 Outdoor Dining

With the L-shaped layout of the patio we had three sections to work with. We wanted a dining space for eating (of course) and to host friends. This table seats 6 and the Sophia chairs are so comfortable (which is why I picked them!).

Meg Biram CB2 Outdoor Dining

Meg Biram - CB2 Outdoor Dining with Umbrella

Meg Biram on Back Patio

Meg Biram CB2 Dining Detail

Meg Biram Patio


Meg Biram - Outdoor Sofa and Lounge Chairs

We also wanted a lounge section with an outdoor sofa, chairs, and tables (coffee table and side table) for when we have company but also just for us to read or relax. We basically have an outdoor living room!

Meg Biram - Outdoor Sofa and Coffee Table

Meg Biram Patio with CB2 Furniture

Meg Biram - Outdoor Lounge

Meg Biram on CB2 Outdoor Sofa

meg biram cb2 acapulco chair

Meg Biram - Outdoor Sofa and Lounge

meg biram in cb2 acapulco chair

Meg Biram - Outdoor Sofa


Meg Biram adjusting furniture cover

The lounge area is mostly shaded by our tree which is great, except that it also means leaves and twigs fall constantly and birds do their business, which is why we opted to have covers on a few pieces.

The rest of the outdoor furniture can easily be hosed off, but I wanted to give the sofa, the coffee table, and the side table a little additional protection from the elements so they don’t get dirty from the tree and excessive amount of birds that hang out in our yard with waterproof covers. Find them here: sofa cover, coffee table cover, side table cover.

Meg Biram - Furniture Covers


Meg Biram Patio - Chaise Lounge Chairs

For the third section, the sunniest part of the patio, we wanted some chaise lounge chairs for reading and sunning. I’ve been using each space for working with my laptop as well. The outdoor pillows add a fun pattern to the space.

Meg Biram - Outdoor Pillows

Meg Biram Patio - Chaise Lounge Chairs with Striped Umbrella

CB2 Striped Umbrella


CB2 Striped Umbrella - Meg Biram

We also got an umbrella that we can move around, so if we want it over the table, we can put it in the table, if we want it over the lounge chairs we can move it over to the chaise loungers.

CB2 Striped Umbrella

Meg Biram Patio - Chaise Lounge Chairs with Umbrella


Meg Biram - CB2 Outdoor Planters

We also got several planters and pots because we love to be surrounded by plants and greenery. They have also helped with hiding some unsightly pipes and the air conditioning unit. You don’t even notice the air conditioner because the planters are hiding it!

I have the Blox planters, these Lineal planters, and the Lupa planters.

Meg Biram - White CB2 Outdoor Planter

Meg Biram Patio - Planters

Meg Biram - CB2 Planter

Meg Biram - Black Square Planter


Meg Biram Patio CB2 Cooler

The favorite item when the guys come over is the rolling cooler. I love this cooler even more than I thought I would. It makes it easier for people to get another drink because they don’t have to go inside to the fridge — we can bring the drinks outside and keep them cool. It also has a bottle opener on it, and the surface doubles as counter space when we are using the grill.


Meg Biram Patio CB2 Furniture

Overall, I could not be happier with how the patio and the furniture turned out. My exact vision was brought to life and now with all the furniture in place, we can finally enjoy the space and have friends over!

Don’t worry, I will be doing more posts about the boxwood wall and telling you all the details about what we did and how! Stay tuned!

Meg Biram on Outdoor Sofa


This post was done in partnership with CB2. All opinions are my own.

Photos by Luke Wright