Paint Strokes Mural

Paint Strokes Mural - Meg Biram

I love a project that comes together and is executed really quickly. This was one of them. My client Vicky (owner of Heirloom Catering, also a friend of mine) asked if I would paint a mural in her “She Shed” — her lady room off the kitchen/dining area in her home.

She had a local interior decorator (also a friend of mine) decorate her home, and instead of wallpaper Vicky wanted to support a local artist and do a mural instead — with me!

Vicky wanted an abstract brushstroke mural and provided me with the color palette she wanted that went with the room design and I got to work sketching up some concepts for her.

Paint Strokes Mural Sketch

This is the concept (above) she chose and we ended up doing it large-scale on the her wall.

mural paint colors

I had to get the colors just right, so I got several samples of blues, yellows, and pinks to make sure we picked just the right ones in the lighting of her home. I ended up having to mix my own pink to make it more blush pink and less baby pink because there just isn’t a good selection of pink in home paint. So I mixed in some yellow and gray to get the blush. The yellow was Benjamin Moore Bryant Gold, the blue was Sheer Romance. I don’t remember the other colors and mixed my own pink.

Also, I think it’s always best to get samples and try colors in your own home in the room you are putting it in. What might look good in someone else’s space might not work for yours.

Paint Strokes Mural - Meg Biram

You can see in the time lapse on Instagram that I projected my sketch on the wall at the scale we wanted it on the wall and then free-handed the rest around it. Free-handing is definitely more stressful but you just have to make it work — that’s part of the job.

Paint Strokes Mural

Sometimes people are shocked by what a mural cost so I like to put the time into perspective. Over the course of a month I spent 3-4 hours working on sketches, discussing colors, and emailing back and forth with the client. One hour selecting colors and getting paint made at the paint store. Two hours gathering materials, packing them, and getting them into and out of my house/client’s house/car before and after the mural. Driving to and from the client’s house took a total of 2.5 hours. Setting up (taping, drop cloth, projecting) took 1 hour. Actual painting time was 5-6 hours. So in total this project took me 14.5 to 16.5 hours.

Paint Strokes Mural - Meg Biram

I LOVE the way this mural turned out and that my client was bold enough to do something like this. It really makes a strong statement in her space! I can’t wait to see it once the room is fully decorated! Stay tuned for those photos!

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Photos by Meg Biram