Pairing Art + Wine // Elizabeth Mayville + Rosé

I must say, I was not a rosé gal until this year when I did a Rosé tasting at the Blogstar Supper, so I’m overjoyed that Jamie is back (did you see her first post?) with another art + wine pairing featuring a Rosé! — Meg

Elizabeth Mayville, Grapefruit 12Elizabeth Mayville, Grapefruit 12

I’m a huge fan of Elizabeth Mayville’s artwork. I love her elegant use of medium, usually gouache, and color to create works that are understated and pleasing to the eye. She is fascinated with the idea of “home” and creates paintings that elevate the everyday (you’ll notice another of her paintings included in the just released gift giving magazine, co-published by Meg, to & from). I was particularly struck by her grapefruit paintings. I love the bright colors and juicy looking fruit.

elizabeth mayville & sparkling rose

When considering which wine to pair with this, I imagined eating the grapefruit for breakfast. Mayville is practically begging me to reach out and take the already sliced citrus, and I want to eat it with a little bit of sugar sprinkled on top. Domaine Chandon’s sparkling Rosé is surprisingly rich and elegant. It basically tastes like summer in a bottle – strawberries, watermelon, and cherries, all with a refreshing bubbly texture. It pairs with almost any foods, and I imagine it would take the edge off the tartness of the grapefruit; making for a very fine Saturday morning treat.

ART: Elizabeth Mayville, Grapefruit 12

WINE: Domaine Chandon, Rosé, Napa Valley

— Jamie Hurst