pairing art + wine // rogelio manzo + petite sirah

As an art historian with Sotheby’s street cred, Jamie of High Heeled Traveler, is just shy of a being a sommelier (in my mind) with her knowledge of wine. My wine knowledge is — I like it, or I don’t. Okay, I’m a little better than that but you get the idea… therefore I am really excited for her column, letting art inspire a pairing with wine.

It was hard to decide which wine and art pairing would be my first when Meg invited me to write this column. There are so many incredible artists and so many delicious wines that the task was overwhelming.

I saw Rogelio Manzo’s work about a month ago at the (e)merge art fair here in Washington D.C. As a portrait artist he strives to reveal the sitter’s inner strength, turmoil, and layered existence. Not only are the colors striking but as you sit and look at the piece you start to see into the eyes of the subject and how the layers of paint and texture build up to create an image of a man who is bold and strong yet marked from life’s experiences.

I wanted to pair this with a wine that I find equally as complicated yet so elegantly stated. Petit Sirah is a bold varietal whose structure and strong tannins don’t overpower the nuances of flavor, just like Manzo’s Atanasio. One of my favorite Napa Valley wine makers is Hess and their Allomi Petite Sirah has an inky color with layers of subtle flavors like baked juicy berries, vanilla, and a little bit of a woody taste. I can imagine sipping on it while admiring Manzo’s work.

— Jamie Hurst

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