Paris Sweater

Meg Biram in black Paris sweater.

If there’s one thing I wear the most in the fall and winter (more than loungewear) it’s sweaters. Almost everyday I wear a sweater. The only problem is, I don’t actually have that many sweaters. No seriously, I don’t. So this year I decided I need to prepare and get more sweaters!

The problem with me is that I’m just so darn picky about everything, even sweaters. My pickiness (and expensive taste) holds me back from buying things, which is why I don’t have that many sweaters.

There’s nothing better than a cold afternoon, cozied up on the couch in a sweater, with a hot cup of tea and a book!

Black Marc Fisher Shoes

These mules must be addressed. Last winter my dog ate my black mules that I had worn all season. I loved them and the only reason I didn’t freak out when I came home to leather pieces around my living room was that I had worn them so much that they were getting to look a little ratty. They wouldn’t have lasted another season.

So once I found the perfect pair of black mules to replace them, I did! These Marc Fisher Shiloh mules are amazing. They are comfortable, they have an interesting detail with the way they are cut that also makes your foot look slender, and the elastic in them means that they aren’t going to cut off the circulation in your foot when you are walking in them. They have a little give. Which is good for me because they are my go-to everyday shoes until it gets too cold!

Black Paris Sweater



Black Paris Sweater and Black Handbag


walking with a dog in the park

Meg Biram in And Other Stories Paris Sweater

Black Marc Fisher Mules

Meg Biram in black sweater.

And Other Stories Paris Sweater

Black Marc Fisher Shoes and Shadows

Photos by Emma Weiss