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I think I can safely say I’m a pretty good gift giver. My brother will tell you this because he tries to outdo me every year and fails.

This year in addition to the hit gift I give every year, I also brought back some items from my travels that I will be giving as gifts. When I was in Hawaii in October, I toured the North Shore Soap Factory and fell in love with their soap, so I brought back some to give as gifts. I also brought back a bunch of goodies from my trip to Rwanda last month — woven baskets, wood salad tongs, bottle openers, and more! I love finding amazing items to buy for gifts when I travel because it makes the gift so much more unique.

personalized photo calendars

So, what is this hit gift I give every year?

Well, when I was in high school I came up with the idea to give my parents a personalized calendar of funny photos of me and my siblings when we were kids. They were surprised and loved it so much they said I had to give them a new every year for the holidays.

I ended up making them for my grandparents as well, and to this day my siblings and I still give each of my parents and my grandparents a personalized calendar for Christmas.

personalized photo calendar

Technology has come a long way since I made my first personalized calendar in high school (ahem 15 years ago). I used to have to steal photos out of our photo albums, take them into a copy store where they would scan them, blow them up, and make the calendar for me. Then I’d have to go back to pick up the finished calendars a week or so later. There weren’t options as far as personalizing beyond just the photos at that time.

Now we have digital images from our cameras and phones, and you can easily upload your photos to Shutterfly, design your own calendar, and have it shipped to you, or shipped to the person you want to give it to! So much easier than how I used to do it! And you can also do so much more with customization and get it exactly how you want it to look.

personalized photo calendar

For the family calendars I like to customize the fonts and add birthdays into the dates each month. This design is the 12×12 in Modern White.

I know what you’re all thinking — my niece and nephew are the cutest!

personalized photo calendar

While the family calendars are super special, I also created two more calendars I think also make great gifts.

personalized photo calendar

The first is a travel calendar (it’s a 12×12 in the Classic White design). Since my husband and I don’t have kids, and I doubt my in-laws would want 12 months of photos of me & their son, so I made a calendar for them with photos from all of our travels. You can even type in a little bit about each photo if you like.

personalized calendar

The other calendar I made is fun gift for a friend/entrepreneur/blogger/small business owner. It’s a GSD calendar inspired by my Get Shit Done column! Each month has a photo I took and I added an inspiring quote or saying. It’s an 8×11 calendar in the Simply Black design.

personalized calendar

I also added the quarterly tax deadlines in the days of the calendar. They always sneak up on me, so I thought it was a cool little reminder to customize the calendar even more.

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I also love these poster calendars. If you have a lot of wall space, the 20×30 version (shown above) makes a cool statement in an office.

pinboard in office

The 16×20 poster calendar fit perfectly on my pin board! I took this beach photo when I was in Miami earlier this year and love how it turned out on this calendar.

wrapping personalized calendars

Have you ever made any personalized gifts like this for the holidays?

Have you ever thought about making a calendar as a gift?


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Photos by Laura Metzler

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