Mad for Plaid

Meg Biram in Black and White Plaid

You can count on plaid like you can count on florals. They work year after year after year. Plaid doesn’t go bad. Most plaid anyway.

Black and White Flannel Shirt and Jeans

Plaid is always classic, sometimes grunge, frequently hippie, and mountain chic. How can one pattern be so many things to so many people all at the same time!?! Dare I say that plaid is transcendent?

Black and White Flannel Shirt

I always seem to get a new plaid shirt every few years, but yet it’s hard to get rid of any of my older plaid shirts. I continue to wear some that I’ve had for years and years. Frequently they will end up as my “painting shirts” meaning I wear them when I paint and I get paint all over them.

Meg Biram in Black and White Flannel

I got this top at the beginning of the Nordstrom sale this summer. Alas, it sold out almost immediately, so I didn’t want to share it during the sale because I hate to be like, see this cool top I just got, ya it sold out. I was hoping it would come back, and I thought I saw it, but have yet to find it again. So I wanted to show you some very similar plaid shirts if you find yourself in the mood for plaid.

Black and White Flannel Shirt and Blue Jeans

I like how this plaid shirt is long and sort of tunic-like. Also love this white plaid top. Looks cozy.

Black and White Flannel



Black and White Plaid Shirt and Blue Jeans - Meg Biram


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Black and White Plaid Shirt - Meg Biram

Photos by Emma Weiss