Cashew Colada

Did you ever get in trouble for playing with your food? Growing up, I more so got in trouble for being a picky eater and dissecting my food and moving it around my plate without eating it. My poor parents tried their hardest to get me to eat veggies and I just wasn’t having it. I didn’t care how long they’d make me sit at the table.

On top of being a picky eater, I cannot eat a lot in one sitting (unless it’s ice cream — then somehow I find room). Because of this, I get hungry more often, but eat less than your typical “meal” when I eat. I snack all the time and am always looking for something I can throw in my bag to have if I get hungry while I’m out and about, and I like to have snacks to leave at my Georgetown studio for my afternoon munchies. Enter Nourish Snacks.

nourish snacks

Does anyone always feel shocked about what real portion sizes are!? I do, so I love things that are already portioned out for me, like these Nourish Snack bags. When I have a big bag of something to munch on, I just keep reaching in for more, but I have a small bag, I’ll finish it, wait and see if it fills me up before reaching for more. Since it can take up to 20 minutes for your body to know it’s satisfied these little snack bags are perfect to tide you over to the next meal.

A lot of the time I need something to grab and go in the morning, or I want a little something in the late afternoon. I typically eat a salad for lunch around noon or 1 pm every day, but don’t eat dinner until 7 or 8, so usually around 3 or 4 I’m need a little something or I’ll get a little hangry.


Monkey Love

My personal favorites are Monkey Love, King Korn, Coco’nilla Crunch, Honey Bee Good, Berry’d Treasure, and Menage-a-Mix, and I like to throw the Cocoa Loca in my yogurt. But you can try out all different kinds with Nourish Snacks collections here, and they are offering you 10% off all snacks with the code MEGBIRAM through the end of July!

I’m having fun playing with my food as an adult!


Honey Bee Good

green apple

Granny’s Apple Pie

almonds and cherries

Almond to Cherries


This post was sponsored by Nourish Snacks. All opinions are my own.