50 Podcasts to Listen To

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I still stand by the last four podcasts I already recommended, but I have some new ones for you to listen to while you are traveling for the holidays or during your work commute!

In addition to listening while I’m driving in DC traffic, I also listen while I’m doing things around the house — cleaning, cooking, doing my beauty routine, editing photos, painting, etc. So I listen to a lot of podcasts and audiobooks!

The podcasts I listen to tend to be about the same subjects — murder, business, and art. I’m not sure what that says about me…

I’m always looking for recommendations, so please leave your faves in the comments! I would LOVE some health & wellness podcast recommendations that are done by really reputable people. I tried to listen to some book podcasts, but if I hadn’t read the book then I didn’t want to listen unless it was an interview with an author. I did listen to one podcast that was mostly interviews with authors and I really enjoyed it, but it was under 10 minutes, and that was just way too short for me, and annoyed me so I stopped listening to it and now I can’t remember what it was. But if any of you have book/author podcast recommendations, I’m still interested.

I’m not going to link to all of them, I think you are all savvy enough to look them up on iTunes or Google and find them.




Dirty John

True story with seven episodes. You’ll definitely want to binge this entire podcast in one day.

The Artsy Podcast

For anyone interested in art, artists, museums, galleries, the business of art — this is a great podcast covering a variety of topics in the art world.

Up & Vanished

I had a few issues with this show. It was good and interesting enough to keep listening to, but it’s overproduced and a little cheesy, which is my first problem with it. The second problem is that I felt like the host did the show for the wrong reasons. He’s fully honest about it which helps and by the end of the show I think he’s in it for the right reasons-ish. Not that there’s anything wrong with doing something as a business decision, but at first it felt very insincere to me. He literally says that he saw the success of popular murder mystery podcasts and thought he could do that too. So I was a little put off by that, but it’s still a good story and I’ll be interested to see what the next story he tackles is and if it feels different/more genuine/less produced than this one.

The Savvy Painter Podcast

This is obviously only going to be interesting if you are a painter, an artist, or interested in the art world. It is very technical about painting. The host is an oil painter and tends to mostly interview oil painters but has branched out a little. It’s a very good and informational show if you like listening to artists!

The Joe Rogan Experience

My husband listens to this show so I end up overhearing it frequently, and often he has really interesting interviews with athletes or just people doing interesting things.


Personally I think Serial made podcasts popular more quickly than they otherwise would have been. It also started the huge popularity of true crime podcasts.

StoryCorps by NPR

I actually used to listen to this show on NPR everyday when I drove to my job at Hallmark HQ. They are great short stories between two people that always touch on something.

Smart Passive Income

This is a great podcast if you are looking for tips on a specific business as an entrepreneur. I recommend looking through the podcast topics and picking out the ones that apply to you. The host, Pat, is so nice and extremely genuine. He asks really good questions and can get people to talk about really specific things that can be extremely helpful to your business.

The Tim Ferris Show and The School of Greatness

Both of these shows can be good, but they each usually bother me in some way. Tim Ferris just has too many hodge podge things going on in his shows and sometimes they just go on and on, or I don’t care about half of the info. The School of Greatness has good interviews, but the host, while super nice, is just a little cheesy for me. He does this “acknowledge you” thing at the end and I have to stop myself from physically rolling my eyes. Sometimes cheesiness bothers me, sometimes it doesn’t. Nothing against him or Tim, they’re both super smart and successful, I just tend to pick through their podcasts.

GaryVee (Gary Vaynerchuk)

He has two podcasts I believe. The dude is super smart, has great advice, but I can only handle the tempo and energy every once in a while. I recommend searching for the topic you are interested in and listening to those episodes.

How I Built This

I selectively listen to this. I wish the interviews were longer, I feel like they could go much deeper and get more detailed with each guest, but it’s still very good if you like the history of businesses.

After The Jump

I’ve only listened to a few episodes of this and they were good. This is actually reminding me to listen to more!

Oprah’s Super Soul

I have some feelings about Oprah’s podcast, and if you are an Oprah can do no wrong person, you aren’t going to like my thoughts. Out of the handful of episodes I’ve listened to, I’ve only liked half of them. Oprah is just a little too spiritual/emotional for me. She always says mmmmm and it kinda drives me nuts. I think the subject matter is just not for me in about 50% of the episodes. It’s a little too self-helpy. Thing is, I really like Oprah, so it’s nothing against her, just not my vibe all the time.


Similar to How I Built This, it’s a great podcast, I just wish is was longer and more in depth.

In the Dark

Great story you will want to binge listen to. Sad and hard to hear if you have kids, but good.


I already covered these four podcasts in this post:

Fat Mascara

My Favorite Murder

Art For Your Ear

S Town



I asked you all on Instagram Stories for podcast recommendations and this is what you said!

Melissa Ambrossini Show

Skinny Confidential

Influencer Podcast

What Book Should I Read with Anne Bogel

Family Ghosts

Lacy Phillips


The Daily

A Killing on the Cape


Juicy Scoop

Stuff You Missed in History Class

Reply All

Two Dope Queens

Terrible, Thanks For Asking

Sword and Scale

Wine and Crime

Style Your Mind by Cara



In addition to the ones you all recommended, these podcasts are also on my list to check out.

Art Talk

The Modern Art Notes Podcast

Artist Decoded

TedTalks Art

The Conversation Art Podcast

Creative Mornings

State of the Arts

Breaking Beauty


True Crime Garage


Again, I’d love your recommendations if they aren’t already on this list!


Photo by freestocks.org on Unsplash; edited and graphics added by Meg Biram