Let’s Focus On What We CAN Do

american flag

As I watched the election coverage last night I started to get a little worried. The longer it went on I got more and more scared. Then when Virginia bounced back I thought, see, it’s always like this, the votes in the cities take longer to come in.

I had gotten up at 5:30 am to vote so I was starting to get sleepy. I went to sleep thinking that by the time I woke up everything would have shaken out, it would be tight race, but Hillary would win. I had bad dreams of course, and woke up early this morning to see the headline on my phone, PRESIDENT TRUMP.

I think I had an out of body experience. I honestly never thought for one moment that Trump would actually win. Like I really didn’t consider it a possibility.

For the first few hours this morning I think I was in a bit of legit shock. I was reading a bunch of posts from my friends on Facebook and just absorbing what actually happened.

I’m not going to get into all the crazy scary things about Trump being president. I’m not going to say awful things and spread hate, because love is love but also hate is hate. Trump being president is crazy and scary, and some of the things that he and Pence stand for is scary (like we seriously need to protect the right to same-sex marriage). But everyone already talked about all the bad negative things about Trump. I don’t need to regurgitate them here.

But I can do what I’m good at and that is say to myself and to you — you can’t change what happened, but you do get to decide what you do now, and what you do tomorrow, and what you do in the future.

I come from Missouri, a state that went to Trump. I have a lot of friends who are Republicans and a few probably voted for him. I myself am not affiliated with either party. I agree and disagree with things on both sides.

And honestly I’m sick of the two parties in general. If Trump is changing things up, why don’t we just do away with parties and let people run on where they stand on SPECIFIC ISSUES. I honestly think there are a lot of people who can’t identify with everything in one party, like myself. Would LOVE to hear your thoughts on this in the comments! Do you identify with a party? Do you agree with everything that your party stands for? Do you know everything your party stands for?

I can’t help but feel immense sorrow for Hillary as a human being and for women in general. Hillary has literally worked her entire life for this. She wanted to shatter that glass ceiling that is above ALL OF US WOMEN. I just can’t imagine how she is feeling right now. Like her or not, trust her or not, emails or not, she has done a lot for women to pave the way for the NEXT female candidate for president. I want to thank her and every single person that has fought for women’s rights and paved the way to make my path, my rights, my ability to own my own business a little easier. And for ALL minorities. We are all HUMANS and we all deserve the same RIGHTS.

So we women, we minorities, and all the Hillary and minority supporters have to do what we’ve always done, like all the women who fought for our right to vote until it happened have done, like all the people who fought for same-sex marriage have done — we have to get up, get ready for the day like a boss, and do our best to be the best versions of ourselves — be the best teacher, be the best mother, the best neighbor, the best friend, the best daughter, best girlfriend, best boss, best cousin, best co-worker, best people, best Americans, be the best humans we can be.

As president, Trump has said he will defeat ISIS, create jobs, fix immigration (which needs help either side you are on), fix our infrastructure (which needs some major help), take care of our veterans, and fix education. So you know what, let’s hold him to it!

What can you do help steer these issues in your own community and protect the ones he is against? Instead of running off to Canada (it’s cold up there!) let’s dig our heels in here in America and figure this shit out! Let’s protect those issues that we’ve already fought for. Now more than ever we need to communicate with our congressmen and women! So I encourage you to get involved! Talk to your local leaders! Call, email, write letters to your congressmen/women here in Washington — they all have offices (look them up online!), they all have phones, they all have staff answering the phones, opening the mail, reading the emails. So call, write, speak, act, participate, communicate — be a part of the change you want to see!

I’m still heartbroken and honestly shocked at the outcome, but we need to move on figure out what we CAN do!


Photo by Greg Ortega via Unsplash