The Pretty Bookshelf

I have this thing with books.

bookshelf with wine rack on top

Even though during my move last year I got rid of a TON of books (only one I regret giving away so far) I still have a lot of books. I buy books with the purpose of keeping them. I like the concept of starting my own mini library of books I’ve read.

horn vase on bookshelf

However, not all books make the cut for the pretty bookshelf. The main room in our place is the living/dining/kitchen so it all has to go together. Because of that and just the fact that I prefer a neutral palette, not all books make it onto what I consider the pretty bookshelf.

bookshelf living room

This bookshelf is between our living and kitchen area, and has a pretty prominent spot on our space. I wanted it to be mostly black and white, and then each shelf has a touch of color.

bookshelf filled with books

You might be wondering what I do with the ugly books? They are in stacks by color in our den.

bookshelf and wine rack

You can find links to most of the books shown on my bookshelf page but here is where I got the rest of the items pictured:

The wood wine rack is a cute story. My husband and I were at an event for DIFFA where they had a silent auction. I mentioned to him while we walked through the auction that I liked this wine rack, and he surprised me with it at the end of the night — he won the bid!

Brass Pineapples (similar)

Brass Eagles & Washington Bust from Everything But The House

Horn Vase (similar)

Jonathan Adler Futura Bowl  (similar)

Jo Malone Wood Sage & Sea Salt Candle

White Bookshelf

Ankara Pouf (similar, similar)

bookshelf // meg biram

Photos by Emma Weiss