Quality Over Quantity

White Studded Sandas

When I first moved to DC almost 8 years ago I felt perpetually underdressed. DC is a bit of a fancier city. There are always a lot of events, people dress very professionally, and there is somewhat of an expectation or understanding of proper clothing.

Personally I hate that our society is losing it’s formality, so I love this about DC. There are dress codes on invitations that often say cocktail or black tie. And while I love getting dressed up for things, I don’t have as many fancy events as I used to, or rather I just don’t attend as many I used to.

As much as I love clothing and love a good event to dress up for, my day-to-day just isn’t fancy. I workout, I work from home most days, unless I’m painting a mural or at meetings.

And even though I have days where I’m bopping around the city going to meetings and that is a good excuse to wear fun clothes, my personal style is edgy and often I just want to wear an Anine Bing tee, front-tucked into jeans, with a nice blazer and sneakers or cool shoes. I’ve finally embraced that even though I’m 35, I can just be my edgy self in my formal city.

That said, I still think it’s important to have proper attire for what you are doing and it’s no secret I’m a quality over quantity person. I’d rather pay a lot of money for the perfect item than have four crappy versions from a cheap store.

I slowly add pieces to my wardrobe and after all the Marie Kondo-ing I’ve been doing, this spring I am definitely in need a few items, so since the Shopbop sale just started it was the perfect time for me to nab a few things I’ve been eyeing.

See my picks from the sale below and take advantage of the sale (15% off orders $200+; 20% off orders $500+; 25% off $800+ with code GOBIG19).







Photo by Emma Weiss