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25 Pillows On My Radar // MegBiram.com

I like to keep my main furniture neutral so then I can switch up my accessories to get a completely different look. Pillows are a great way to do this! I’ve actually had the same ones for a few years, and they are looking a little tired, so I’m on the hunt for a few new throw pillows myself. So many fun options out there. Here are 25 cool pillows on the market right now.


ONE // African Mud Cloth Pillow Cover

TWO // Washed Pink Kilim

THREE // Fornasetti L’Anticipato Pillow

FOUR // Lurline Pillow

FIVE // Mugs Pillow

SIX // Katchen Pillow

SEVEN // Izzy Black Leather Pillow

EIGHT // Lace & Ripple Pillow

NINE // Muse Eyes Pillows

TEN // Collaged Majida Pillow

ELEVEN // Anita Woven Shag Pillow

TWELVE // Fallsway Pillow

THIRTEEN // Graphic Embroidered Linework Pillow

FOURTEEN // Rule of Three Seastone Silk Pillow

FIFTEEN // Suede Tassel Pillow Cover (comes in multiple colors)

SIXTEEN // Rainbow Shag Pillow

SEVENTEEN // Oaxacan Otomi Pillow

EIGHTEEN // Jakra Pillow

NINETEEN // Villa Stripe Pillow

TWENTY // Antigua Pillow

TWENTY ONE // Wanderer Throw Pillow

TWENTY TWO // Plum & Bow Tepeck Kilim Pillow

TWENTY THREE // Roar + Rabbit Graphic Puzzle Pillow Cover

TWENTY FOUR // Moroccan Cactus Silk Pillow

TWENTY FIVE // Black Lines Pillow