Me Before You

Me Before You Book and Movie

You might know that I’m a nerd and love to read. I’m usually reading at least two books at a time and listening to something on Audible (right now I’m listening to The Lake House).

I am one of those people who likes to read a book before the movie come out. And usually the movies don’t come out for a year or so after I read the book, so I forget the plot and details and then the story seems fresh again. But usually the books are always better than the movies. No matter how good the movie is, you can just pack so much more detail into a book.

The movie Me Before You comes out in June (I literally have it marked on my calendar) and you absolutely must read the book. It was one of those books I couldn’t put down and I was sobbing in bed (hoping I wouldn’t wake my husband up) as I finished the book. I had to get out of bed three times to get tissues.

I also read the sequel, After You, and while it was really good, it wasn’t as good as Me Before You. But I always love to know where the author wants to take a character after a story. So while sequels are typically never as good as the first book, I’m always curious to know and this was actually a good sequel.

Watch the Me Before You movie trailer here.


Photo by Laura Metzler