Reader-Recommended Podcasts

Every once in a while I publish a list of podcasts. When I ask on Instagram stories what your favorite podcasts right now are, I always get people asking me to share the list. Well the list is really long, so I didn’t think Instagram was the right place to share it. That’s the great thing about websites is that they are conducive to more long-form information.

I thought I’d talk about the podcasts I’ve been listening to first and then list all of the recommendations that came via Instagram Stories.

I didn’t check all of the names of the recommendations (because time and currently no intern) so if they are off or a little different, I’m sure you can Google it and figure it out.

Podcasts I’ve Been Listening To:

Cold — If you love this and want an insider perspective, go to @jenniferstagg on Instagram and watch her Instagram Story Highlights and IGTV. She was the main reporter on this case.

Goop — They always get really good guests. I wish the interviews were longer but they are always full of great info.

Over My Dead Body — Cannot wait to hear how this murder mystery ends!
Natural Disasters and Wine FaceBoth of these podcasts are about natural wine, so if you are into that, you will like them.
The Conversation Art Podcast — Obviously I love art podcasts. I like this one because the host asks a lot of in depth questions. And if he’s not satisfied with an answer then he’ll keep trying to go deeper. Sometimes I think he’s a little mean to his guests as in after they are off the air sometimes he says things about the guests that shock me but maybe it’s just me.

The Dropout — I mean I can’t get enough of the Elizabeth Holmes story!
Up & Vanished — The second season leaves you hanging, and the show is a little too dramatic and drawn out, but the story is interesting.

Fat Mascara I’m always listening to this beauty podcast. Jessica and Jennifer are so knowledgable about beauty and get great guests on the show. They always know what’s going on in the industry and I love that they are super skeptical about everything.

Reader-Recommended Podcasts:

Almost 30
Amanda Seales
Armchair Expert
Art History Babes
Bad on Paper (This is my friend Grace’s Podcast!)
Bag Man
Candace Kumai
Conan O’Brien Needs A Friend
Crime Junkies
Dr. Death
Ear Hustle
Every LIttle Thing
Experts on Expert
Finding Mastery
Household Names
How Did This Get Made
How I Built This
Lady Gang
Manifest This
My Favorite Murder
NYT The Daily
Off The Record with Annie Tevelin
Oprah SuperSoul
Pop Culture HH
Rachel Hollis
Rebecca Minkoff Superwomen
Reply All
Rich Roll
Root of Evil
Royally Obsessed
School of Greatness
Second Life with Hillary Kerr
Skimm’d from the Couch
Skinny Confidential
Stuff You Should Know
Sunday Sit Down with Willie Geist
Super Women
TED Radio Hour by NPR
Terrible Thanks for Askin
The Daily
The Dream
The Fringe of It
The Genius Life
The Great Indoors
The Higherside Chats
The Pitch
​​​​​​​The Unmistakable Creative
This American Life
Throughline by NPR
You Must Remember This
99% Invisible

Do you have any opinions on any of these podcasts, tell me below! If I missed a podcast you love, please leave the name of it in the comments!


Photo by Remy_Loz on Unsplash